Gold and Stuff Accessories

*waves* As promised, I've been trying to catch up with pending posts, so here I am with another post today.

When it comes to accessories, I notice some people seem to wear white gold or silver more these days, myself included. The rings and necklace I wear daily (ones I never take off anywhere anytime) are also white gold. But personally, I prefer gold. Gold may seem vintage for some people, but maybe that's why I like it. Aside of the jewelry I got from my boyfriend, most of my accessories pieces I have are gold. A while ago, Born Pretty was kind enough to send me some pieces to wear and try. Unintentionally, I picked some more gold accessories: bracelets and few rings. I often wear the bracelets, nearly everytime I go out wearing white or pink, and that's quite a lot. Aside of white and pink, I often wear black outfit, so I picked the cute skull ring with heart eyes lol. It's just so cute and pretty. The other rings I picked were a set of gold band rings with purple and white jewels. They match really nicely with my triple purple hearts necklace I wear everyday. 

Keep reading to see the pretty gold accessories I got :)

Honest Skin Haul

Last month I received a box full of goodies from Honest Skin. Honest Skin is a Korean beauty store that sells authentic makeup and skincare straight from Korea. They have fairly cheaper price more than others and often have discount and promotion on most of their products. I got a lot of products to try from them from various brands like IOPE, Laneige, Etude House, Stylenanda 3CE, etc.

Now, let's see what I think about Honest Skin and some of the products I got.

Laneige Brush Pact Pore Blur Review

First off, happy new year, everyone! Glad I can finally write a post again. Though technically, I've drafted this post since December last year but I'm glad I can share this post today. If you're a Laneige fan, I'm sure you've seen or maybe tried this product I'm going to review today. Laneige released this Brush Pact few months ago. At first I wasn't too sure if I'd like to try it out until Ashley convinced me. She reviewed this Brush Pact in pink beam on her blog which you can also read here

But the one I'm going to review today is no 2 pore blur, which is specially created for people with pore problems (me included). If you don't know already, this brush pact is basically a portable pressed powder that's designed to make our touch up easier on the go. Though I always have my blotted powder with me in my pouch, there are times I'm too lazy to even take it out, open the compact while trying to keep the powder puff from falling (especially when I'm in a moving car), and press & roll the puff to blot my face. I am more comfortable blotting using my setting brush actually, but it'll take more work and time to grab my brush, pat it on the powder (again when I'm on the go) and apply it on my face. I'm lazy to do all that so I tend to skip it and let the world see how shiny I am, well in this case my Tzone. But thankfully, Laneige is such a lifesaver for me. Not only this is such a lightweight powder, but also it comes with an attached powder brush. I think this is one of my favorite makeup products right now. 

Anyway, enough babbling and let's move on to the review shall we.