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*waves* As promised, I've been trying to catch up with pending posts, so here I am with another post today.

When it comes to accessories, I notice some people seem to wear white gold or silver more these days, myself included. The rings and necklace I wear daily (ones I never take off anywhere anytime) are also white gold. But personally, I prefer gold. Gold may seem vintage for some people, but maybe that's why I like it. Aside of the jewelry I got from my boyfriend, most of my accessories pieces I have are gold. A while ago, Born Pretty was kind enough to send me some pieces to wear and try. Unintentionally, I picked some more gold accessories: bracelets and few rings. I often wear the bracelets, nearly everytime I go out wearing white or pink, and that's quite a lot. Aside of white and pink, I often wear black outfit, so I picked the cute skull ring with heart eyes lol. It's just so cute and pretty. The other rings I picked were a set of gold band rings with purple and white jewels. They match really nicely with my triple purple hearts necklace I wear everyday. 

Keep reading to see the pretty gold accessories I got :)

I received each pieces wrapped in good condition. Shipping took around 2 weeks, it's quite normal. And communication went great as always.

The skull ring somehow looks vintage in person with its gold and a bit rust lol. The rust isn't bad at all though, it gives the retro look even more. Plus the heart eyes are really cute. It's resizeable too. It's only $1.99 which you can get here.

butterfly purple gemstone ring

This set contains 3 rings: a simple jewel cut ring, purple jewel, and butterfly ring. I can't see myself wearing three rings on each fingers so I tend to wear two rings together and they look pretty. I really like this ring set the most. I tried wearing all three rings on one finger, but it looks super weird on my short chubby finger so nah lol. Get this ring here for only $1.69

pink gold ribbon bracelet

Last but not least, a set of bracelets. It consists of 4 bangles, each with different style. When worn together, it looks so pretty and cute, perfect for my hime gyaru look. The pink ribbon, pearls, gold chains, and cute dangling ribbon. It gives a sweet and girly vibe. Best of all, it is only $2.99 on Born Pretty Store.

vintage gold purple skull ringpurple vintage gold skull ring nail art

sweet hime bracelet ribbon gal

vintage retro gold ring cute

The rings look pretty with the gold caviar nail art as well. I got some compliments going out wearing the rings as they look cute and match my nail art, and even circle lenses lol also other purple stuff I wore that day. In case you're wondering, no I don't have any time doing nail art by myself nowadays I just resort to false nails (as it's quicker and easier to put on too for me who always on a rush). I got the false nails for extremely cheap on ebay bid lol. 

Well, that's all for today hope you like this post. And don't forget to check out Born Pretty Store for cheap accessories. You can also use MLT10 code to get 10% discount on your purchase. 

Disclaimer: The products mention above was sent to me for review purposes however all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own.

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