Laneige Brush Pact Pore Blur Review

First off, happy new year, everyone! Glad I can finally write a post again. Though technically, I've drafted this post since December last year but I'm glad I can share this post today. If you're a Laneige fan, I'm sure you've seen or maybe tried this product I'm going to review today. Laneige released this Brush Pact few months ago. At first I wasn't too sure if I'd like to try it out until Ashley convinced me. She reviewed this Brush Pact in pink beam on her blog which you can also read here

But the one I'm going to review today is no 2 pore blur, which is specially created for people with pore problems (me included). If you don't know already, this brush pact is basically a portable pressed powder that's designed to make our touch up easier on the go. Though I always have my blotted powder with me in my pouch, there are times I'm too lazy to even take it out, open the compact while trying to keep the powder puff from falling (especially when I'm in a moving car), and press & roll the puff to blot my face. I am more comfortable blotting using my setting brush actually, but it'll take more work and time to grab my brush, pat it on the powder (again when I'm on the go) and apply it on my face. I'm lazy to do all that so I tend to skip it and let the world see how shiny I am, well in this case my Tzone. But thankfully, Laneige is such a lifesaver for me. Not only this is such a lightweight powder, but also it comes with an attached powder brush. I think this is one of my favorite makeup products right now. 

Anyway, enough babbling and let's move on to the review shall we.

laneige brush pact pore blur

laneige pore powder

The box packaging is bulky and the typical Laneige silver and black packaging. And no english description on the box. Nothing new. 

laneige pore powder brush pact

laneige pore blur powder

This is how the product looks like. In a glance, it looks like a normal brushes holder, right? The packaging is a simple white with silver head that's used to twist the brush. 

The manufacture date and serial number.

laneige brush pact

This is how it looks like when it's opened. You open the brush pact by twisting it and the top part is the brush, while the bottom part is the powder pact. It's covered by protection seal so you know it's new. 

laneige brush pact

The brush bristles are so soft and pretty dense. When you twist the silver head, the brush will pop out quickly and easily. 

laneige brush pact pore blur

Eww right? I know lol. Well, I haven't used pore mask in a while (since before holiday I think) and my pores are kinda yucky at the moment. So with just moisturizer and CC cream, that's how my pores look like (though I think nobody would like to see it, but for the sake of honest review lol). 

Anyway, the pores on my nose are pretty humongous and visible with some dryness here and there around my nose. And also some huge pores around my inner cheeks as well. So I just dab and brush my nose and cheeks with Laneige Brush Pact and since this is the pore blur one, it does its job well in blurring the pores. Please note, it doesn't make huuuuge pores disappear cause it'd be false advertisement. It does help concealing some pores, I have to admit that one, but it doesn't totally make all the huge pores invisible. It's already pretty good and better than what I expected to be honest. I thought MAC Blotting Powder was my HG powder for my skin simply because its powerful oil control, but it was never able to conceal my pores as good as this. Even though my face looked matte with it, but the pores are way too visible it always gave me bad skin in the pictures. 

But this Laneige Brush Pact is what I always needed for pores concealing powder. It's lightweight, mattifying, and blurring pores. The only downside is its oil control. If it has better oil control, I would totally make this my HG powder among all. But that's what this brush pact is for, to touch up. With its packaging, touching up my face when it turns a bit shiny isn't a huge problem anymore even for lazy people like me. Though I think it's kinda accentuating dry skin too, so I don't think people with dry skin will be happy with this brush pact. 

- Lightweight, very travel friendly
- Easy to use as blotting powder on the go that comes with a practical brush
- Soft bristles, doesn't irritate skin
- No scent whatsoever
- A little goes a long way
- Transparent 
- Blurring pores pretty well

- So so oil control
- Might accentuate dry areas 
- No mirror like most powder pacts

It's a portable powder pact that comes with easy to use powder brush without any hassle. It's quick to twist the brush out and use it. It's travel friendly and a little goes a long way. Its ability to conceal pores is pretty good. Big pores can be blurred quite well, though of course it's not fully covering huge pores cause that'd be unrealistic. The brush bristles are very soft and don't irritate my sensitive skin. But the downsides are it has average oil control that lasts me about 4-5 hours max before I start getting some shine. It's not the worst in terms of oil control but clearly not the best, it's just so-so in my opinion. Touch up is needed if you have combination or oily skin. But that's why this brush pact comes in handy. I have dryness around my nose and I notice this pact can sometimes accentuate those dry areas if I apply too much powder, so apply moderately. But it is perfectly covering the pores on my cheeks, that's my most favorite thing about this powder cause the pores on my cheeks are always so hard to cover with most oil free pore powders I own. So that's a big plus. The average oil control makes me take out one heart, though. Overall, this is a really nice powder that I can use on a rush anywhere without having to accidentally drop the powder puff or rummage the entire pouch to find the right brush. The price is also decent for Laneige. I know some Laneige products price tend to make my jaw drop sometimes, but this one is not cheap and definitely not expensive. So, my conclusion is if you have combination or pretty oily skin and would like to have easy to use powder to touch up during the day, this is the one for you. 

Jolse for $30.98 (excluding $2.50 worldwide shipping)

laneige brush pact pore blurlaneige brush pact pore blur

That's all for today's review. Hope it helps and thank you for reading :)

Disclaimer: The product mentioned above was sent to me for review purposes however all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own. I do not get paid or any compensation to write positive reviews. 

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