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It feels like forever since I last posted something. I'm sorry for being mia for the past weeks, and months actually. I know I haven't been regularly posting like I used to. It's just some RL stuff keep me busy since end of last year. I haven't been in touch with most of my friends either during this time. Things were a little bit hectic but now I'm pretty much back. Hopefully I will be able to post more, I have so many things in store including many unedited product reviews ready to be reviewed and posted. 

Anyway, today I will share about the parcel I received from Blippo a while ago. Previously I've posted some products from Blippo. But in case some of you and new readers don't know already, Blippo is an online store with a bunch of kawaii stuff collections from magazine, plushies, accessories, DIY snacks, phone cases, bags, and more from Japan and Korea. If you see their website, you'll see a lot of cute things you'd want to keep for yourself. They have fair and affordable prices for most of their products. Also, they ship worldwide so shopping isn't a hassle at all. Mika, their customer rep, is also very friendly and helpful if you ever need to ask something either about the products or orders. I've worked with them few times before and I have nothing but good things I always tell anyone who ask me about them or their products. 

Now, let's see more of the kawaii stuff I got from Blippo :)

blippo kawaii strap stickers

One of the things I like about Blippo is most of their products are snacks and sweets related. They're either cute or squishy, or both. The 3D cupcake stickers are too adorable. It's pastels with cute designs. And look at the pink bitten popsicle with colorful sprinkles. It's a phone charm. The design and medium size will catch so many eyes. I can't put it on my iPhone somehow but I attach it on my purse. There was one time I put my purse on the desk and when some coworkers entered my office, they asked me why I put unfinished popsicle there lol my purse was black and they were few meters away from me so they thought it was real. I had to squish it to show them that it's not a real popsicle. Then they took turns to squish this little thing. I tell you it's addictive. 

Anyway, click to get the squishy popsicle charm and cupcake stickers

blippo kawaii plushie nail art

Next, I have cute fluffy kitty plushie that looks as cute as furball. The furs are soft and fluffy. It makes everything looks cute when I attach it anywhere, either on bag, wallet, jeans. The nail set is my favorite ever. If you follow me on my social media, I uploaded my photos with this nail set. I got positive comments and mainly about the nails. I'm sorry to say that it's actually false nails. 

watermelon nail art

The false nails are perfect for anyone who wants to have cute nails without having to spend tons of time decorating and worrying the nail art would chip and crumple. Get this watermelon false nails for only $4.43

kawaii plushie kitty blondekawaii blonde nail art watermelon

Tried to replicate the kitty plushie expression, but failed miserable. Sorry for the horror lol but that's the only photo with good lighting of me and the kawaii plushie. And that's all my post today. Be sure to check Blippo for more cute items with affordable price. 

Disclaimer: The products mention above were sent to me for review purposes, however all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own.

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