Sulwhasoo CC Emulsion Review


I promised myself I'd post this review since a month and half ago. I've taken the pictures and I was always too lazy to edit and watermark them for some random reasons. But finally I did it today whohoo so yay here it is, everyone. My holy grail CC cream ever, Sulwhasoo CC Emulsion. Well, it doesn't exactly say CC Cream but it feels like one to me. When I read the words CC emulsion, I thought it would be a lighter version of CC Cream, and to me it sounded like less coverage and more moisturizing. Anyhow, I had my doubts at first before I decided to get it. If you follow Korean cosmetics, surely Sulwhasoo isn't an unfamiliar brand to you. Sulwhasoo is in fact one of the brands under Amore Pacific. I know Sulwhasoo doesn't come in cheap price, but that's because it focuses on mixing herbal traditional medicine with science, hence the high quality products. Their skincare lines are so popular and many of them are best selling. The first time I opened my eyes to this brand was when I tried the trial kits of their Time Treasure skincare around last year. It was small but the lotion was so heavenly to my skin. 

Luckily there were so many online stores here carrying Sulwhasoo nowadays, and there's also Sulwhasoo in Indonesia now so I can try the other products easily without any risks of the products I ordered online with hefty price get taken away by customs (not again). So I decided to purchase the CC Emulsion cause now that my skin got a bit better, I don't really use much high coverage foundation or creams at the moment. And I am trying to use less face covering products and also trying to find makeup that's comfortable on my skin while healing my scars. And finally, this is the one. I've been using Sulwhasoo CC Emulsion every morning for 3 months now (and still not emptied yet!), and I'm loving it. Now, let me show you what makes me love this product along with the things I love and less like about it. 

Prom Dress Ideas 2015

Spring is finally here for some of us. Spring reminds us that prom season is coming soon! Every girl wants to look stunning and confident in their fabulous dress in prom night. Well, who doesn't? Whether you're coming to prom to have a lovely night with your date, or if you're going to have fun with your favorite girlfriends and enjoy the moment, I'm sure we all want to look gorgeous and nearly perfect on the big night. Either black, blue, red, silver, pink or beige... Have you found your perfect dress? Or at least have you looked up some dress ideas that would help you to find that right dress? If you haven't, let me share some of my favorite dresses on this post. 

Beta Salic 2.0 Miracle Cream Review

It's been a while since I updated you with my latest skin. I used to complain all the time about my oily acne prone skin until around the end of last year and I noticed I stopped blogging about high coverage foundations and BB creams. It's all thanks to this Beta Salic 2.0 by Chica Y Chico. Sounds unfamiliar? It was my first time as well using this brand. Despite the name, apparently it's a Korean made by LAB & Company Inc. 

Betaine Salicylate, the main ingredient of Beta Salic 2.0 controls the rough, troubled skin surface due to dead skin cells and oxidized sebum. It claims this mild yet satisfying skin conditioning cream gives clearer and softer skin back to you and you can feel the difference in the morning, hence the miracle cream nickname. That is such a strong claim! But I've been trying this facial cream every night for the past 2 months, and I can't be more happier. 

Now let's get to know more about the Beta Salic 2.0 

Cocktail Dresses Are Forever

Hello, everyone. I'm back again today with a style ideas post. During my hiatus, I got a couple of requests to post more about style ideas that I haven't done in a long time. So here it is :)

As someone who prefers to be overdressed than underdressed, I tend to wear dressy outfit whenever I go out. Whether it's to meet a friend or family lunch, or even a dinner date, casual cocktail dress will always be my top pick. I personally think cocktail dress is easy to mix and match with casual accessories and cute jacket or cardigan. The dresses are also more wearable to casual events as well, and not only exclusive to cocktail or semi formal parties. 

While browsing the other day, I found some pretty dresses that fit to my casual dressy dress genre and had to share it. Here are some of my favorite cocktail dresses