Cocktail Dresses Are Forever

Hello, everyone. I'm back again today with a style ideas post. During my hiatus, I got a couple of requests to post more about style ideas that I haven't done in a long time. So here it is :)

As someone who prefers to be overdressed than underdressed, I tend to wear dressy outfit whenever I go out. Whether it's to meet a friend or family lunch, or even a dinner date, casual cocktail dress will always be my top pick. I personally think cocktail dress is easy to mix and match with casual accessories and cute jacket or cardigan. The dresses are also more wearable to casual events as well, and not only exclusive to cocktail or semi formal parties. 

While browsing the other day, I found some pretty dresses that fit to my casual dressy dress genre and had to share it. Here are some of my favorite cocktail dresses

cocktail dress

This might be my top favorite. It's not casual for some, myself included. But it's a really pretty dress that with lovely blush color. The design is just gorgeous with the cutouts on the front and back. It's a stunning dress that would make anyone look your way. I can picture myself wearing it to a semi formal party, though I might want to pair it with a half blazer to cover some of the revealing bits if needed. 

semi formal cocktail dress

I fell in love with this beige short dress in an instant and this is my second favorite in my list! The design is really simple with some jewels embedded on the neckline and around the shoulder. I have a very similar looking dress in black that I have for years now. I wore it in multiple occasions and styled it in few different ways that made it unrecognizable everytime I wear it. This beige dress can easily be worn alone or with different jackets or blazers and will still look gorgeous! The design is casual enough to wear and not restricted to parties only. 

How lovely is this dress? The pink is also very pretty. I don't have much to say about this dress as it's pretty self explanatory, sweet, lovely and pretty. I wouldn't wear this one with any outer piece as it is pretty as it is. It seems comfortable too with the pleated skirt as it's not body hugging on certain areas so it'd be easier to breathe and eat lol. 

If I want to be a little dressy and less casual, I'd pick this one. I especially adore the flowy chiffon skirt. It's just beautiful. While I'm not too fond of the shoulder strap, the front top does have a pretty design. This is perfect for semi formal events and I will definitely wear this to go to someone's wedding. I also find dusty blue color very pretty. 

black semi formal cocktail dress

This last dress is not my least favorite, but I put it in the end for the wow effect lol. I personally think this dress screams gorgeous, flawless and bold but elegant to me. The material and design are really beautiful with the silver ish jewels embedded on the heart top. The bolero it comes with is also beautiful. You can't go wrong with mini black dress after all.

Those are my top 5 for affordable cocktail dresses from Dress Street. There are still so many other dresses, from cocktail dress, wedding dress, to prom dress, and obviously I can't put all of my favorites here cause the post will be never ending.

Which one is your favorite?

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