Prom Dress Ideas 2015

Spring is finally here for some of us. Spring reminds us that prom season is coming soon! Every girl wants to look stunning and confident in their fabulous dress in prom night. Well, who doesn't? Whether you're coming to prom to have a lovely night with your date, or if you're going to have fun with your favorite girlfriends and enjoy the moment, I'm sure we all want to look gorgeous and nearly perfect on the big night. Either black, blue, red, silver, pink or beige... Have you found your perfect dress? Or at least have you looked up some dress ideas that would help you to find that right dress? If you haven't, let me share some of my favorite dresses on this post. 

prom dress a line

How lovely is this long dress? It's a perfect empire waist dress for apple pear shaped body made of chiffon. What I love the most about chiffon dresses is it looks very beautiful when it's blown by the wind, or sometimes... air conditioner. The silver embellishment is another extra that makes the dress a perfect pick for your special night.

This gorgeous dress will be a perfect dress to flaunt your toned legs. The triple silver belts stand out the most and matching the dress with shining silver accessories would complete your look.

Another lovely empire waist dress. It's strapless and sequined with the heart front top. I love the short front skirt and long back skirt. It makes walking more easier too, no need to hold and raise your long skirt everytime you're about to walk. It's also made of chiffon and I can picture how beautiful it will be during the dance. Personally, I wouldn't say no this one dress. 

If you're one who doesn't like princessy ball gown or fancy dress with long drapes and jewelry, you might want to try the slim elegant mermaid dress. It is sequined, but it still looks classy and simple. The dress will look gorgeous on hourglass, rectangle, and pear shaped ladies as well. Personally, I love the golden dress the most out of the three. It's just flawless and a gorgeous one for the big night.

Those are my top four picks for prom dresses and of course there are more beautiful dresses out there which you can also check yourself on They have various dress collections, not only affordable prom dresses, but also evening gowns and wedding gowns.

Thank you for reading and let me know what kind of dress you'd wear to prom dress below :)

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