Top 5 Websites to Buy Bags Online in Singapore

Beautiful and stylish bags play a crucial role in uplifting the charm of your attire. No matter what you wear, it is imperative to carry a bag to not only store your belonging, but also to add more value to your personality. Buying bags online in Singapore is extremely easy and fun because there are numerous websites offering huge selection of bags for both men and women to handle different requirements. No matter whether you want to buy branded, non-branded, regular or designer bag, you will definitely find something of your choice here on these websites. 

Following are top 5 websites to buy bags online in Singapore:

Etude House NEW V Line Slim Maker Review

Contouring and highlighting have been a very essential part of my makeup routine. While I don't apply full contour everyday, but highlighting and contouring my nose is a must cause I have such flat and short nose. I tend to stick with 2-3 contour products normally because my nose is one of my most sensitive part of my face and I only use the ones that won't break me out or irritate my nose. Etude House V-Line Slim Maker is one of my most used highlight and contour products since 2013. 

I remember Etude House released its first V-line Slim Maker few years ago (read my review here) and this year they released a new version of this product. I've been using the previous V-Line Slim Maker for years and still have it until now. I especially love the highlighter it's just so precious with its subtle glowy sparkles, so I just had to try the new version as well. I got the same shade as the first one. So let's read more about this product and to see if there's significant difference between the old and new versions.  

Pearls and Rhinestones

What kind of accessories do you often wear? When I look at my jewelries box, all I see is mainly pearls and some rhinestones pieces. I absolutely adore pearls. They look pretty and simple enough in any occasions. Today I'm going to share a post about jewelry, and more specifically rings with pearls and rhinestones. I love love love wearing rings. If I could wear all the rings I own, I would. Sometimes I wish I had more than 10 fingers so I could wear more rings, but that would make me look like octopus. Anyway, I got the ring set from Born Pretty Store, an online store with a large collection of accessories and beauty related tools. There are one cute floral owl ring, and a set of 4 cute tiny rings. 

Read more to see in details and how I wear them.

Etude House Sweet Cherry Tint Review

I used to be so against tint lip products when it first came out, just because I was pretty disappointed. It used to be liquid tint that looked too dry and unflattering on my already dry lips. But nowadays there are many tint lipsticks released. Previously, I've tried and reviewed some tint lipsticks like Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tint, Holika Holika Pro Beauty Tint Tok, and Missha The Style Moisture Coating Tint. Among those tint lippies, I've come to love and use the latter the most because of how moisturizing it is. Now I'm going to share yet another tint lipstick that I really love. It's a bit similar to Missha Coating Tint in my opinion, but with different charms. 

If you're a fan of Etude House, you must be familiar already with their Cherry Tint series. Previously they have cherry tint in thick liquid form. I've also tried and reviewed Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in lavender shade before. The tint is also available in tint stick form now, which can be more convenient when I'm on the go. And now I'm going to show you how this Sweet Cherry Tint looks like and performs. 

Shop On the Go with YesStyle

Who loves online shopping? I do! I just can't get my hands off my phone for a minute. Most things I do when I'm on my phone are texting and shopping. For me, who always finds asian and preferably Japanese clothing stores that offer worldwide shipping without hassle, YesStyle is in my top list. They carry a lot of brands from China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea, not limited to clothing but also beauty, shoes and accessories. While I don't mind browsing and shopping on web browser, I have to admit shopping gets easier on some of mobile apps instead of browser especially when I'm on my phone.

Recently YesStyle just launched their own shopping app for iOS and Android. I always find it easy to browse and look for some new cute dresses on their website, so I was curious to try how their mobile app would be. Read to know more about the app and how to shop on the go more conveniently.

IOPE Line Defining Eyeliner Review

There's always that one thing we can't be without when we apply makeup. It differs from one another. Some people can't go out without wearing full makeup but at least they have to apply lippies, or another might not go out without their foundation etc. But for me it's definitely eyeliner. I am way more comfortable every time after I apply my eyeliner that I feel a bit weird without it. So, I'm especially very picky about eyeliners. If you've been following my blog for a while, you may have read my other eyeliner reviews before. There aren't a lot actually, cause I tend to stick to my favorite product and stock up when I'm running out. 

Up until last month, whenever anyone asked me to recommend them a fabulous eyeliner that's easy to use, no smudging, long lasting, and doesn't need a bottle of makeup remover to erase the eyeliner, I used to say Kanebo Kate Super Sharp Liner in a heartbeat. It was my favorite eyeliner for about a year, but honestly I drop it off my list cause I can't find the product easier here unless on some online stores that sell Japanese cosmetics (and not a lot of them carry this product anymore) or ask someone in Japan to buy me this eyeliner. It can be a hassle but I kept buying it anyway because it's the best that I tried before. I always prefer felt tips liner and I've tried other brands before, from Stila to Etude House, Lioele, Cleo, and Innisfree. None of them satisfied me in the ease of use, thickness and long lasting departments that made me nearly give up to try another brand. But I'm glad I didn't. 

This time I decided to try another felt tips eyeliner from IOPE. IOPE is a premier Korean cosmetics and skincare brand under Amore Pacific, just like Laneige, Sulwhasoo, Hera etc. At first I didn't want to expect anything cause by the promotional pictures alone, there was no hype.... or most likely I just didn't understand cause mostly it was in Korean lol. I couldn't find much info about the eyeliner but I decided to give it a try and I fell in love with it. 

And now I'm going to share my review on IOPE Line Defining Eyeliner after the jump.