Etude House NEW V Line Slim Maker Review

Contouring and highlighting have been a very essential part of my makeup routine. While I don't apply full contour everyday, but highlighting and contouring my nose is a must cause I have such flat and short nose. I tend to stick with 2-3 contour products normally because my nose is one of my most sensitive part of my face and I only use the ones that won't break me out or irritate my nose. Etude House V-Line Slim Maker is one of my most used highlight and contour products since 2013. 

I remember Etude House released its first V-line Slim Maker few years ago (read my review here) and this year they released a new version of this product. I've been using the previous V-Line Slim Maker for years and still have it until now. I especially love the highlighter it's just so precious with its subtle glowy sparkles, so I just had to try the new version as well. I got the same shade as the first one. So let's read more about this product and to see if there's significant difference between the old and new versions.  

contour highlighter etude house

contour highlighter etude house

One notable difference I noticed was its box packaging. The previous version has colorful hawaiian theme with the floral prints. I remember back then 2NE1 Dara was still their ambassador (and I purchased the product mainly because of her at the time lol) during their aloha releases. And the new version is more simple with brown background and yellow swirly decoration. There's also english description and directions on the back. 

contour highlighter etude house

contour highlighter etude house

That is how the compact looks like. I got #1 Sun Gold / Wood Brown shade. It's pretty much the same size as the old slim maker. It also comes with mirror and brush. The compact is very lightweight and travel friendly. There's pretty heart and sparkles decoration embossed on the surface, very pretty.

contour highlighter etude house

The most noticeable difference from the previous version is the contour shade. It is more light brown which I thought would give more natural finish. The old version has more darker brown for the contour. The highlighter has no significant change though, still pretty and glowy on the skin.

contour highlighter etude house brush

This is the brush that comes with the V Line Slim Maker. It's the same brush from the old version too, if I'm not mistaken. It's the standard blush brush I think? Its bristles are pretty soft and not stiff but I'm more comfortable using long handle brush, so I tend to use my usual brush from Real Technique. 

Sorry for the dark swatch, I took the picture at night and flash wouldn't capture the color accurately. As you can see the highlighter looks so light but once it's blended on the skin it looks very pretty and almost not unnoticeable except under some lighting it will show the glow. The contour looks more light orange ish brown on me.

And here it is on my face. I took the outdoor one while standing in my balcony so it looks pretty bright and the contour still visible somehow. While indoor, the highlighter looks pretty with its glow. I personally love it to contour my cheeks and face, but honestly not a huge fan on my nose.

raw. not powdered, not blended in
contour highlighter etude house
blended with powder
- Lightweight and travel friendly
- No breakouts or irritation
- Easy to use
- Pigmented highlighter
- Medium pigmentation for the contour; gives natural look
- Compact comes with mirror and brush
- Affordable price
- Doesn't make my nose more oily

- Contour shade might be a little too orange for people with pale or fair skintone
- Highlighter might be a little too light and sparkly for people with warm skintone
- Only 2 shades available

This product is perfect for people who wants to have more defined features especially on the nose and cheeks. The highlighter gives beautiful glow, perfect for the center part of the nose, forehead, and cheekbones and also brow bones. The contour isn't as pigmented as the highlighter but it makes more natural finish. I prefer my contour to be more visible on the side of my face so I have to apply more contour with this V Line Slim Maker. But I like it a bit more subtle and soft looking on my nose, which obviously the contour looks a bit more orange and not so brown on my nose, so I need to powder and blend it in. You can also mix and blend the highlighter and contour and use it as bronzer to have that healthy sunkissed finish.

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etude house contour highlighteretude house contour highlighter

As someone with normally full hime gyaru makeup, contouring and highlighting is always needed and thankfully I can just use this one lightweight Etude House V Line Slim Maker and I'm still content with the finished result. And no I don't touch up, so I find it very convenient to use not only at home, but also when I have to apply my makeup outside. Honestly there's no big difference between the old and new versions but for shade #1 the difference is mostly on the contour powder brown shade, aside from the different packaging design.

What do you think of the new version of Etude House V Line Slim Maker?

Disclaimer: The product mentioned above was sent to me for review purposes, however all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own. 

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