Etude House Sweet Cherry Tint Review

I used to be so against tint lip products when it first came out, just because I was pretty disappointed. It used to be liquid tint that looked too dry and unflattering on my already dry lips. But nowadays there are many tint lipsticks released. Previously, I've tried and reviewed some tint lipsticks like Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tint, Holika Holika Pro Beauty Tint Tok, and Missha The Style Moisture Coating Tint. Among those tint lippies, I've come to love and use the latter the most because of how moisturizing it is. Now I'm going to share yet another tint lipstick that I really love. It's a bit similar to Missha Coating Tint in my opinion, but with different charms. 

If you're a fan of Etude House, you must be familiar already with their Cherry Tint series. Previously they have cherry tint in thick liquid form. I've also tried and reviewed Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in lavender shade before. The tint is also available in tint stick form now, which can be more convenient when I'm on the go. And now I'm going to show you how this Sweet Cherry Tint looks like and performs. 

I guess I don't need to introduce Etude House anymore as it's been one of the favorite Korean cosmetics brands among all of us, especially with their cute packaging. So without further ado, here are some of the product pictures. 

etude house sweet cherry tint lipstickw

etude house sweet cherry tint lipstick

etude house sweet cherry tint lipstick

It's basically a tint stick just like how it looks like in the pictures. It comes in simple packaging, very lightweight and travel friendly. It has manufactured date on the back of the packaging. I got no. 4 PK002. There are 5 bright colors available. PK002 is the softest color among the others. Since I tend to get orchid or purple lip colors lately, I began to start liking soft coral pink again. 

etude house sweet cherry tint lipstick

etude house sweet cherry tint lipstick

It's really simple to open the cap. I was having a bit blonde moment while trying to figure out how to get the lipstick out. Unlike the usual twist mechanism, this tint stick doesn't work that way. Apparently, I have to push the button on the bottom of the tint to push it out. And unfortunately, it can't be push back once done, so better be careful not to push the button million times or it would be hard to close the cap later and even might ruin the lipstick in the process. 

etude house sweet cherry tint swatch pink

Something I learn about computers colors is... we see different colors depends on our computers screen I guess? So depends on your computer screen colors, this lipstick either looks pink with a hint of coral, or completely coral. It's actually pink with a hint of coral in person and on my laptop screen. But when I view it on iPad, it looks totally orangey coral I wonder why. 

etude house sweet cherry tint lipstick

I really love the color of this tint. It's so pigmented and creamy. Sometimes it feels a bit too creamy to be honest, but it's pretty good for me that has dry lips. Although I don't recommend applying with hard strokes, because even with the super lightest stroke it's already so pigmented I was so surprised. Just like any other lipstick, it transfers. So I always pat the lips with tissue before I eat then I can eat in peace. After I finish eating, I still see the tint on my lips no fading and it's still there, just no more shine. So either I leave my lips tinted like that or I apply a bit more to get the shine back. This tint has a bit flowery scent that lasts for the first couple seconds. The scent and taste aren't to my liking, but it disappears almost immediately so I don't mind that much. 

- Pigmented
- Creamy and moisturizing
- 5 available colors
- Easy and quick application
- Very affordable 
- Travel friendly
- A little goes a long way
- The shine lasts 4-5 hours before eating/drinking, but the tint lasts a long time

- Can be too creamy
- Must reapply after eat and drink
- People who don't favor scented products might not like the scent
- Might not for people who prefers sheer lip colors.

Etude House Sweet Cherry Tint lives up to its name. First off it smells sweet and probably too sweet for some. But it's a really nice tint stick to have when you're on the go. It's fast and easy to apply, just open the cap, press the button and swipe. It's highly pigmented and creamy. It can be too creamy for me but it moisturizes well, no drying. The shine isn't long lasting especially if I eat and drink which is normal, so reapplication is needed. The tint itself still stick on my lips for a long time though. With the very affordable price, this tint is really a recommended lip product to have. 

Ps. If I have to compare with Missha The Style Moisture Tint, which is pretty much similar to Etude House Sweet Cherry Tint, the only difference I notice is Missha's more of a glossy pigmented lip balm while Etude House tint is more like a lipstick. Both has its own pros so it's all back to our preferences. 

Jolse for $8.08 
They also offer worldwide shipping~ and currently having a promotion event with 10-15% discount here.

That's all my review today. Thank you for reading :) Have you tried this tint? What do you think about this product? 

Disclaimer: The product mentioned above was sent to me for review purposes however all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own. I do not get paid to write positive reviews.

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