IOPE Line Defining Eyeliner Review

There's always that one thing we can't be without when we apply makeup. It differs from one another. Some people can't go out without wearing full makeup but at least they have to apply lippies, or another might not go out without their foundation etc. But for me it's definitely eyeliner. I am way more comfortable every time after I apply my eyeliner that I feel a bit weird without it. So, I'm especially very picky about eyeliners. If you've been following my blog for a while, you may have read my other eyeliner reviews before. There aren't a lot actually, cause I tend to stick to my favorite product and stock up when I'm running out. 

Up until last month, whenever anyone asked me to recommend them a fabulous eyeliner that's easy to use, no smudging, long lasting, and doesn't need a bottle of makeup remover to erase the eyeliner, I used to say Kanebo Kate Super Sharp Liner in a heartbeat. It was my favorite eyeliner for about a year, but honestly I drop it off my list cause I can't find the product easier here unless on some online stores that sell Japanese cosmetics (and not a lot of them carry this product anymore) or ask someone in Japan to buy me this eyeliner. It can be a hassle but I kept buying it anyway because it's the best that I tried before. I always prefer felt tips liner and I've tried other brands before, from Stila to Etude House, Lioele, Cleo, and Innisfree. None of them satisfied me in the ease of use, thickness and long lasting departments that made me nearly give up to try another brand. But I'm glad I didn't. 

This time I decided to try another felt tips eyeliner from IOPE. IOPE is a premier Korean cosmetics and skincare brand under Amore Pacific, just like Laneige, Sulwhasoo, Hera etc. At first I didn't want to expect anything cause by the promotional pictures alone, there was no hype.... or most likely I just didn't understand cause mostly it was in Korean lol. I couldn't find much info about the eyeliner but I decided to give it a try and I fell in love with it. 

And now I'm going to share my review on IOPE Line Defining Eyeliner after the jump.

IOPE felt tips eyeliner

iope felt tips eyeliner

From the box packaging alone I could see how elegant and luxurious it is with its navy and gold colors. Somehow I'm always impressed with most of the products with gold packaging like Elishacoy, Sulwhasoo, also Emprani. And now IOPE adds to my impressive products with gold packaging lol. Anyway, there's not much english info in the box at all. 

iope felt tips eyeliner

Of course I got the black color :) It is very light and the packaging looks similar to other brush eyeliners. Just make sure to close the cap tightly to avoid quick dryness. You don't want that. 

iope felt tips eyeliner

The felt tips looks just like any other felt tips liner in this picture. I thought the same too at first. But I'm serious when I say this: this felt tips by far is the best felt tips I ever tried. It's so dense but not stiff, so it makes precise lines especially for the corner of my eyes without hurting or irritating both my skin and eyes. The thing about felt tips is it'd either feel like stiff brush or very soft and thin brush that it's not comfortable on the skin and doesn't really draw the line the way I want it to be. But IOPE Line Defining Eyeliner is very good in that. It reaches the corners of my eyes and normally I don't use the tips for that part but the upper part of the liner brush. On that specific part of some eyeliners, it didn't give much ink but IOPE's is just perfect on any sides. No leaking, and definitely not drying. Not now at least. 

iope felt tips eyeliner

As seen in the first picture, I applied the eyeliner with light strokes, no hard pressures. It's not the thickest black but it looks decent. Besides, I normally always apply 2-3 strokes on each eye to get the eyeline I like. Then I tried to rub them hard, and while they faded a bit, but didn't completely disappear. Then I put my hand under the tap water, and it's still there in the same condition after I rubbed it hard. I was testing if rain would erase my eyeliner which would be bad and embarrassing. BUT, when I rubbed it while it was still soaking wet, umm yeah it totally dispersed into debris. 

This could be a pro and cons as always. It's bad during those rainy season. But even if it happens one day when I have this eyeliner on I think I'd just let the rain wet my face without wiping it especially around my eyes so it'd stay still. That's the con actually. The pro is when I go home at the middle of the night super tired and have no energy left to spend more time to wash my face religiously and clean up everything, I can just use a little makeup remover and use water mostly and the thick eyeliner will be disappeared instantly. I get so annoyed sometimes while cleansing my eye makeup cause it wouldn't come off so quickly while after a long day outside. So that's the pro, quick and easy even with just water lol. 

iope felt tips eyeliner

Isn't it pretty black on my eyelids? It doesn't smudge at all either as long as it's applied after eyeshadows or powder at least. And it lasts all day long until I remove my makeup. 

- No smudge after proper base makeup
- Lightweight 
- Easy to use with precise lines
- Not stiff nor irritating
- No need extra pressure to get the ink out
- All sides of the brush give the same amount of ink, not only on the tips
- Easy to remove with water and oil cleanser/makeup remover
- Quick application, save time
- Dry quickly after applied
- Survive getting soaked by the water to an extent
- Last all day (when dry)

- A bit pricey
- Can't be rubbed when wet

It's a very lovely eyeliner for anyone who likes to just draw the line and go. The ink will always there, no need special pressure or angle. It's really great as you can draw the line more precisely without any irritation as the tips won't poke your eyes. Also good for sensitive eyes. As I mentioned above, it normally doesn't smudge if you apply the proper base makeup with matte powdered eyelids (for oily eyelids). I wouldn't say it's waterproof as my waterproof test says otherwise. It can survive being under the water, as long as you don't rub it hard or it would be gone in a flash. I love how this eyeliner can have the thickest black when applied on the eyelids, and it's very long lasting too. No sudden disappearance just by accidental touch or brush. The price might be a turn off but I say it's worth the quality. 

I personally love this eyeliner slightly bit more than my favorite Kate eyeliner at the moment, cause of its precision tip. And also because IOPE is easier to find nowadays. 

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iope felt tips eyelineriope felt tips eyeliner black

iope felt tips eyeliner black

That's all for my review today. Thank you for reading and I'll be back soon with another post next time. Have a great day/night, everyone and happy advanced easter!

Disclaimer: The product mentioned above was sent to me for review purposes however all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own. I do not get paid to write positive reviews.

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