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Who loves online shopping? I do! I just can't get my hands off my phone for a minute. Most things I do when I'm on my phone are texting and shopping. For me, who always finds asian and preferably Japanese clothing stores that offer worldwide shipping without hassle, YesStyle is in my top list. They carry a lot of brands from China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea, not limited to clothing but also beauty, shoes and accessories. While I don't mind browsing and shopping on web browser, I have to admit shopping gets easier on some of mobile apps instead of browser especially when I'm on my phone.

Recently YesStyle just launched their own shopping app for iOS and Android. I always find it easy to browse and look for some new cute dresses on their website, so I was curious to try how their mobile app would be. Read to know more about the app and how to shop on the go more conveniently.

Right after I tap the app icon, I can see the ongoing promotions and some popular categories thumbnails.

I really love how easy it is to find what I need. On the left menu there is a useful menu. When I tap the categories, it gives me another set of categories, which makes it easier to find everything. For example, I pick dresses category.

Then it lets me choose what kind of dresses I'd like to see, with complete list. It's so neat. Like other categories, it also includes the number of items in each category. I choose the A-line dresses.

It also can be sorted by new arrivals, best sellers or by price as well as view the products as list or grid.

After refining my search by color and price, I get to find this cute dress. It looks like what Liz Lisa released last year, in lilac.

japanese fashion

Tap on more pics, and I can see more pictures on the dress details.

The most thing I love about YesStyle is they always provide the size of each clothes in the description. And I don't have to go to the size chart every single time. Plus it's nice to know the dresses details cause I believe every dress has different sizing even if it's from the same store/designer. So it's always nice to be able to see the detailed size and measurements, including the material and wash care. 

I can also search brands based on country. It's easier to find let's say Korean beauty brands or Japanese fashion brands, like Koko Kim as example. It's always a plus.

There are also a lot more than just clothes on YesStyle, including men stuff, jewelry, makeup and skincare and many more. With easy to navigate shopping app like this, I don't take a long time to find each and every one of them. Plus, the app is totally smooth and no lag making the browsing and shopping experience more enjoyable and also save time doing that. 

Also YesStyle is having a mobile contest for all users. Read here for more information:

Download YesStyle shopping app on iOS or Android now and happy shopping!

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