Aritaum Water Sliding Tint Review

Hello! It's been a week since my last post and a while ago since my last makeup review. And today I'm back with another lipstick review. It's another tint from Aritaum, Korean based cosmetic brand. Lately I've been into tint lipstick more as it lasts longer and hassle free. I've been getting mostly fuchsia and purplish lips nearly all 2014, and starting from this year I'm open to other colors. And this time I got an orange lippie. Ever since I started collecting lipsticks, this is probably my second orange lipstick. I was hoping it would be something like tangerine orange but this Aritaum Water Sliding Tint I got was in orange shock, which literally shocked me a bit lol. But before I rambled more, let me show you more about the product after the jump. 

aritaum tint lipstick orange shock

The packaging is just like any other lipstick with the cap and the only difference is when I twist the lipstick, I shouldn't twist too much to get the lippie out cause unlike normal lipstick, it won't go back down. I wonder why recently some brands make their lipstick like that? If I'm not mistaken, Etude House Sweet Cherry Tint also has similar mechanism. Anyway, it would be better to twist just enough so you'll be able to close the cap back without damaging the lipstick. Everything else is pretty much in hangeul, but the manufacture date is printed on the bottom of the product. 

aritaum water sliding lip tint orange shock

aritaum water sliding tint lips orange swatch

As you can see, the swatch on my hand in natural lighting, the orange isn't the tangerine orange I wanted but more like carrot. With flash, the color looks slightly more orange and you can see how it looks so moisturizing. And it's also extremely pigmented. I was surprised how pigmented it was the first time I applied it on my lips. I also think that applying the lippie gently and slowly is better if you're not into bold lips cause it might get too shocking orange on your lips. And this is what I said "I got shocked" with this shocking orange shade. This is the most orange lipstick I ever had, and no this is not a sheer lipstick. 

aritaum water sliding tint lipsaritaum water sliding tint lips

Both pictures were taken in different spots and lighting. I wanted to show you how the lips look like in different lighting. I don't know if it's my hair color (hair just got toned before taking this photo) or the lipstick but my skintone looks slightly pink orange ish? Or I'm just not used to seeing myself with bright orange ish red lips. My mom didn't like me wearing bold lipstick so she said I looked weird lol but I personally love this lipstick shade on me, just need a while to get used to it. I say it's a nice change for once.

- Moisturizing
- Glides smoothly on the lips just like its name
- Very pigmented
- Tint stays all day long but shines disappears after an hour
- Affordable
- Comes in 15 colors
- Lightweight and travel friendly

- Accentuates dry parts of lips, so moisturize and exfoliates before use
- Too pigmented, not for people who like sheer lips

Aritaum Water Sliding Tint is a travel friendly lip tint that is moisturizing and not drying on the lips. It may accentuates dry areas on the lips though so for people with dry lips it might make your lips look a bit clumpy, so please exfoliate first. Just like the product name, it is slightly watery and makes it easy to apply since it slides smoothly on the lips. It is highly pigmented so I can't really apply with pressure or it will look too vibrant, especially when I'm wearing heavy eye makeup. So all I do is just dab the lip tint gently on my lower lips to make it look like the promotional ads. In the result pictures, I apply the lipstick normally though hence the vibrant and boldness. The shine disappears after nearly an hour, but the tint stays long lasting until long hours. If you don't like the shine, you can just put a piece of tissue paper between your lips to get rid of the shine and it will be a matte tint. I don't reapply this lip tint after few hours cause the color still stays on my lips after I eat and drink. Overall, it is a very easy to use lip tint with great color payoff. 

Jolse for $10.48 each or $20.96 for 2+1 (buy two get one free)

That's all for my review today. I hope you  enjoy reading this review and it can be helpful to you. I still have other korean makeup and skincare products I will share and post next time. See you on my next post! ^-^

Disclaimer: The product mentioned above was sent to me for review purposes however all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own. I do not get paid to write positive reviews. 

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