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It's nearly the end of May and I can't believe it's almost my anniversary again. It feels like just a while ago when I looked for anniversary gift to give my boyfriend. Recently I was contacted by Anjolee, a US based jewelry company, to take a view on their website. I did visit the website and find a lot of beautiful collections of necklaces, bracelets, and also rings from wedding ring, engagement ring to anniversary ring. After years of receiving electronic gadgets as gifts, I think it's about time I hint him that I'd like anniversary ring lol. After all, diamonds are forever, right? 

So upon looking and reading further on their website, I found that aside of their beautiful and luxurious jewelry, they also offer jewelry customization which would allow me to choose specific metal, carat weight, center diamond, diamond size, and optional engraving. Anjolee also gives diamond and jewelry education, which is really helpful for first timers to learn more about diamond clarity, color, anatomy and many more. Now let me share what I found there and some beautiful jewelry that I love. 

personalize wedding ring

The first thing I checked out was of course rings. If you've been reading some of my jewelry posts, you'd know that I'm obsessed with rings. While I don't have a lot of diamond rings collection, but I always love looking at them and collecting the pictures for future reference. There are some categories in ring department. You can see their beautiful cut and designs. 

The filtering makes it easy to find the kind of rings you'd like based on its style, shape, and color. When I clicked a ring, I could see the product summary in details like this picture below.

Then I can also customize the metal type, carat weight, center diamond, quality, and more. It's really convenient and the ring I pick would still look unique and personal due to the personalization. The engraving can also give 2 font options. After choosing what I'd want, it would automatically estimate the ring prize, Most items also come with a jewelry box, certificate of authenticity, free shipping with fedex and also 30 day return policy. 

Those are my top 5. The designs are cute and the diamonds look fabulous. I especially love the diamond studs earrings they look simple but beautiful. There are still a lot more jewelry on their website which I'm sure can be a great gift for your beloved ones too, especially if it's personalized by you. Visit Anjolee and check out their gorgeous jewelry collection on

Do you see your favorite jewelry from the list I posted? Which one is yours?

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