A.True Real Black Tea True Active CC Cushion

It is no secret that I love and adore BB and CC cushions. And I am going to share the latest cushion product that I tried which is A True Real Black Tea True Active CC Cushion. Wow was that long or what. If you're unfamiliar with A True, this brand is another cosmetics brand from South Korea. A true is a brand that believes in true value and true beauty from a cup of finest black tea. Honestly this is my first time trying their product even though I've seen and heard the brand from other websites and blogs. And I decided to take the challenge and try it myself. As the name suggests, its main ingredients is black tea. Almost all products I've seen from A.True so far contain black tea; their mask, essence, gel cream, moisturizer, makeup, and more. They present true personal care with its unique textures and outstanding benefits.  Here is a little excerpts from A.True.

Here at A.True, we wish to revive the Premium Beauty of the 17th Century European Royal Court. We aim to bring our customers back to a time of lavish lifestyles and exquisite teas and to have them transported back in time via a single sip.

Black tea contains vitamins (B2, C, E), minerals (magnesium, potassium, zinc), some essential oils, polyphenols and tannins. And black tea also have good benefits for our skin. It prevents pimples, skin aging and wrinkles. It is said that black tea also can be used to tighten pores and good for oily skin. A.True claims this CC cushion to be firming, hydrating, toning, brightening, giving radiant and boosting your skin with its revolutionary formula that help revitalize and illuminate the skin tone while maintaining overall skin brightness and transparency. Sounds too good to be true? 

Now let me show you more about this CC cushion.

Top 5 Summer Dresses

2015 summer dress

It felt like yesterday when spring just sprung, but soon spring will end and summer is coming. Many are planning their summer vacations and road trips, while some others are still looking for the new bathing suit. It is almost summer all year long here, so even though I couldn't relate to last winter's warm coat hunting, I can totally use new collection of summery dresses. Some of the things I consider before deciding to buy dresses are the design, patterns, and skirt shape. Instead of tight pencil skirt, I tend to go for A line skirt and airy flowy skirt that would feel nice when I walk. And here are 5 of cute dresses that would be perfect for this summer.