Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream & Natural Fit Concealer Review

Yay I'm back again with another review! *feels proud of myself*

Couple days ago I posted a BB cream review and now I'm back with another BB cream and concealer review. It's a set from Klairs, which I'm pretty sure many of you have tried at least the BB cream? At least I've read dozens of reviews on this bb cream since couple years ago. I've always debated whether I should try it or not. Back then I had bad acne and super oily skin so I put the thoughts away. But now I finally got the blemish cream and concealer.

Klairs is a Korean based company that carries cosmetics and skincare products from cleansers, pore care kits, natural soap bars, serum, mask and more. I've always loved Klairs products and have tried a few of them in the past. I shared my take on Klairs cleansing foam before. I also tried the cleansing oil and sugar scrub (reviews coming soon) and I must say my skin likes Klairs. Klairs products and especially this Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream and also Creamy & Natural Fit Concealer are meant to be natural looking. The cream has brightening effect, wrinkle care and oil controlling, while the concealer is meant to covers spots and pores. Seeing both products only have 1 shade for all, let's see if they live up to its claims. 

Natur Protecting Treatment Hair Serum Review

Have you ever had tangled hair after your hair wash? Or when you wake up in the morning with ultra messy plus tangled hair that takes a while to be brushed? For me, it's always both. I always have tangled hair especially when it's wet, and even more when it's dry. Every morning I skip brushing my hair because it takes a lot of time to untangle my hair and I don't want to risk losing my hair strands while doing so. It's even worse when I left it tangle, so when I wash my hair I can spend at least one and half hour in total to completely have my smooth hair back after using tons of conditioner and hair mask. Partly it's because of my constant bleaching and harsh purple shampoo that dries out my hair, and partly it's because of my laziness. I barely treat my hair, giving them vitamin or any nourishing serum. I've learned my lessons. It's super annoying to have frizzy hair that I can't comb, and when I force comb it, I can see my hair fall and stuck in the hair brush.

If you read more, you'll see how tangled and frizzy my hair is and how I manage to save my hair with this Natur Hair Serum.

Lioele Super Gold Snail BB Cream Review

lioele super gold snail bb cream review

BB cream? Snail? Are they still in? Some of you might have those thoughts right now. But yes, it is, at least for me. I've mentioned about this before, but Lioele is one of my favorite Korean cosmetics brands until now. I've tried probably 70-80% of their face makeup products and when I saw my friend Ashley with this product a while back, I just couldn't resist. It looks so good and flawless on her skin I just had to try myself! It's not really a new product and that was why I had a hard time looking for it and took me a while until finally I saw Jolse carry this product! Yay!

It's a premium BB cream with sun protection, snail extract, and gold ingredient. It says it supplies intensive nutrition for skin, and protects your skin against broad spectrum UVA and UVB damage. It has SPF 50 and it comes with 2 shades no 21 and 23. I got no 21 Natural Beige but it doesn't appear pale like most BB creams with no 21 shade, it's really natural. Plus, how can you not love the gold packaging? I will talk more about this product after the jump, so keep reading please!