Lioele Super Gold Snail BB Cream Review

lioele super gold snail bb cream review

BB cream? Snail? Are they still in? Some of you might have those thoughts right now. But yes, it is, at least for me. I've mentioned about this before, but Lioele is one of my favorite Korean cosmetics brands until now. I've tried probably 70-80% of their face makeup products and when I saw my friend Ashley with this product a while back, I just couldn't resist. It looks so good and flawless on her skin I just had to try myself! It's not really a new product and that was why I had a hard time looking for it and took me a while until finally I saw Jolse carry this product! Yay!

It's a premium BB cream with sun protection, snail extract, and gold ingredient. It says it supplies intensive nutrition for skin, and protects your skin against broad spectrum UVA and UVB damage. It has SPF 50 and it comes with 2 shades no 21 and 23. I got no 21 Natural Beige but it doesn't appear pale like most BB creams with no 21 shade, it's really natural. Plus, how can you not love the gold packaging? I will talk more about this product after the jump, so keep reading please!

lioele snail gold bb cream review

lioele gold snail bb cream ingredients

lioele super gold snail bb cream review no 21

lioele super gold snail bb cream review

lioele super gold snail bb cream review

lioele super gold snail bb cream review

I don't know what else to say but how beautiful the packaging is?? I've always loved products with gold ornaments in the packaging but this is all gold, not just the cap. The packaging feels like sturdy metal with plastic cap. It looks luxurious and pretty to me when I put it on my vanity desk, or in my purse. It is medium sized, tall and slim but not heavy. I always have this in my bag everyday to work because these days I always apply my makeup in the car (because of my insomnia I always have sleep troubles and wake up super late and no time to apply makeup an hour before work like I used to).

There is some english description on the back of the box with ingredients list as photographed above. Expiration date and shade number are on the bottom of the packaging. 

lioele super gold snail bb cream review

lioele super gold snail bb cream swatch

Like I said earlier, even though this is the lightest shade they have, this is far from pale and ghostly. Normally no. 21 is named Light Beige but this one is Natural Beige and it is indeed more natural looking. It's actually about 1-2 shades darker than my hand. I was worried at first because my face is a bit similar tone as my hand. But since the top of my neck area is quite darker than my face and collar bone to shoulder, this BB cream is actually a good fit for me without having to apply matching foundation or BB cream on my top neck. 

I am not sure if you can spot the difference. I know everyone has different screen resolution and graphics but on both my camera and computer screen, in the after pictures, I can see that  my skin is at least one shade darker and matches my neck more. Finally I don't have to apply anything in my neck, cause it bugs me sometimes when I forgot about it and wear white shirt and end up having makeup stains on the shirt collar lol. 

Anyway, Lioele Super Gold Snail BB cream has medium coverage that is very buildable. It cancels redness and blend quite easily and nicely. It doesn't cover all my huge pores but some of the normal looking ones. Most of my blemishes are well covered except for the very visible scars on my cheeks. I didn't photoshop these pictures (including the after photos) so you can see my bumpy skin. I actually took these photos 2-3 months ago. I know it has been delayed for so long (please blame my unstable health condition and depression lol) so sorry about that. 

lioele super gold snail bb cream review

- Travel friendly
- Lightweight
- Medium coverage (for people who don't like or need full coverage) & buildable
- Beautiful gold packaging
- Finally affordable now (it used to be almost $40 back then) 
- Covers blemishes and redness
- Easy to blend
- Semi matte finish and not cakey
- Decent oil control
- Good for normal to combination skin
- No breakout
- A little goes a long way

- Not full coverage (for people who prefer full coverage bb cream)
- Only a few online stores carry this product
- Only 2 shades available

It might not have flawless full coverage but this bb cream is buildable and lightweight on the skin. The medium coverage pretty much covers most blemishes and redness except for red scars, so use concealer afterwards on desired spots. If you always apply moisturizer, applying and blending this BB cream won't be a problem. It glides smoothly on skin. It has slight scent when it's first applied but fades very quickly. I have combination oily skin (with some dry patches here and there), the bb cream manages to sit still on my face from 8am to 2pm everyday before I start to see some shine on my nose. On my lazy days, I don't blot or anything and let it on my face until 6pm and my face still looks like a face and not a creamy cake. People with very oily skin might want to apply matte powder on top of this bb cream or blot with blotting paper or tissue. Overall, it is a very nice bb cream with natural finish that is suitable as daily bb cream. I've been using this for the past 2-3 months with no issue. 

Jolse for only $20.30 (with worldwide shipping)

lioele super gold bb cream review
2 months ago with just bb cream and nose contour

lioele snail super gold bb cream review
2 months later with better skin, and translucent powder, blush and highlighter

That is all for my review today. I hope this is helpful and despite my absence for the past few months, I'm sorry again for that. During my depressed and stressful days I just couldn't get myself out and blog, cause I really didn't want to write just random, lazy and half assed posts since I didn't feel good and motivated. I haven't updated my social media accounts for a while either and pretty much have been kinda anti social the past few months. But I've been feeling a bit more better thank you for your supportive emails, messages and kind words. I will really try to get myself to blog again and hopefully I will always be in good condition like today :) A little update about me, I have shorter hair now because it's so damaged (I didn't treat and even care about my hair the past few months) I had to lose my long locks. But thank you for reading and see you on my next post.

Disclaimer: The product mentioned above was sent to me for review purposes however all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own. I do not get paid to write any positive reviews. 

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