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Have you ever had tangled hair after your hair wash? Or when you wake up in the morning with ultra messy plus tangled hair that takes a while to be brushed? For me, it's always both. I always have tangled hair especially when it's wet, and even more when it's dry. Every morning I skip brushing my hair because it takes a lot of time to untangle my hair and I don't want to risk losing my hair strands while doing so. It's even worse when I left it tangle, so when I wash my hair I can spend at least one and half hour in total to completely have my smooth hair back after using tons of conditioner and hair mask. Partly it's because of my constant bleaching and harsh purple shampoo that dries out my hair, and partly it's because of my laziness. I barely treat my hair, giving them vitamin or any nourishing serum. I've learned my lessons. It's super annoying to have frizzy hair that I can't comb, and when I force comb it, I can see my hair fall and stuck in the hair brush.

If you read more, you'll see how tangled and frizzy my hair is and how I manage to save my hair with this Natur Hair Serum.

natur hair serum indonesia

Natur is one of the products of an Indonesian based company that carries several hair products. This particular Natur hair serum is a protecting treatment with natural active oil and vitamin E. Its natural active oil helps treating, nourishing and maintaining natural hair moisture. It is also enriched with vitamin E that works as an antioxidant that strengthens the hair to avoid breakage and split ends. In the description, it says that it also helps to give the hair more shine and make it look black and healthy, considering most people have black hair here. But it works on my bleached blond hair perfectly as well. 

natur hair serum gondowangi

The product is packaged in a bottle with pump. The medium size makes it travel friendly. It contains 60ml of product and it smells really nice, although it had herb-y scent at first and I don't really like herbs. But it is not perfume-y and the scent is natural. The main ingredients are ginseng roots, olive, and natural oils. The pump is very nice and easy to pump.

Actually the main reason I don't often use hair serums is because I hate the stickiness left on my hands and fingers, but I'm so glad that this serum is not sticky like others that I've tried before. The serum itself is a bit thick but still liquidy and easy to apply. I just have to pump on my palm and rub it, then apply while combing my hair strands with my fingers. I normally apply it wet hair after hair wash and it helps smoothing my hair even more making it easy to comb. 

If you look at the before pictures, they tangled so bad that probably will break any hair brush. I tend to not brush it at all when my hair is at that state and just try to untangle (and sometimes losing some strands in the process) with my fingers instead. Aside of that, it looks nasty and makes me look like a poodle. But after washing my hair and use the serum, my hair looks like a normal person's hair again. And plus, my hair becomes more smooth and silky after regular use.

- Strengthens and nourishes hair
- Travel friendly
- Affordable
- A little goes a long way
- Gives smooth and silky hair
- Not sticky

- None so far

My go to serum whenever my hair is too dry and frizzy, and after every hair wash. It makes my hair smoother and silkier with regular use. It smells really nice too. Overall I really love this serum and finally I found a serum I can use anywhere because it's less hassle and not sticky in my hands. Five hearts for no more stiff broom hair even after I use my dry inducing purple shampoo :D

Local supermarkets
Also visit their website and facebook for more info

natur hair serum blonde hairnatur hair serum blonde hair
no tangled frizzy hair after hair wash 

Disclaimer: The product mentioned above was sent to me for review purposes however all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own. I do not get paid to write positive reviews.

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