Harley Quinn Inspired Makeup for Halloween

"My boss likes me to wear a smile to work." -Harley Quinn
If I have to be honest, I'm and have always been a Marvel fangirl. Maybe it's just me taking things too seriously but I don't remember the last time I watched a DC movie lol. Even though I'm a Marvel kinda girl, but if I have to pick one of DC characters that I really like and adore, it would definitely be Harley Quinn. The bubbly, crazy, high pitched voice, and her jokes... well almost everything about her makes me like Harley Quinn. Also how she always makes up nicknames like Puddin, Mister J etc. So this Halloween, I decided to do a Harley Quinn look. I've always been a cute (and a bit goth) kind of characters like Alice and cracked doll the past 2 years, but this time doing a different type of character and makeup really challenged me. All I know when I talk about Harley Quinn is... red and black. For red, I always use Etude House play 101 pencil in red as it's the perfect red shade with perfect finish. I noticed I also used this pencil last year for my Halloween look lol. I also did my nails in red and black, with some rhinestones and black rose deco. I also make a quick simple tutorial for this makeup look under the jump.

VDL Tint Bar Triple Shot Review

vdl tint bar triple peach

It's been a while since I shared my last lipstick review. But this time I'm back with another tint lipstick to share with you. It's called Tint Bar Triple Shot in triple peach by VDL. I've heard and seen VDL foundation around last year on some online makeup store but I had no idea that it was a Korean brand. VDL stands for Violet Dream Luminous. I can't find much information on their official website but they have really nice colorful makeup collection. Their lipsticks looks so nice! Definitely on my wishlist just now. According to the little english on the website, VDL is a unique cosmetic brand dedicated to women who actively seek out and realize their dreams and desires. 

This triple shot tint bar is one of VDL's hit items. It's a triple colored lip tint that creates petal bitten gradient effect with a single touch. This stick tint offers 3 colors, main color, sub color and base color. The tint has 3 functions as a tint, lip balm and lip base. The result on the lips depends on how you apply and use the tint stick. It can help achieve gradient look or blended colors on the lips. I prefer blended colors because this particular shade that I got give a very pretty nudy peach color that I like. Keep reading to see more about this amazing lippie!

Shimmering Fall Makeup Tutorial

Hello everyone! It's been a long while since my last makeup tutorial. I've meant to make one for the longest time and I thought I would youtube it, but apparently I don't have much time to edit and stuff so I figure I could just post a simple one on my blog.

I got some requests from a while ago to make a full gyaru makeup tutorial. I know I haven't had my full gyaru look lately, mostly because I don't have that much time when doing my makeup. This is my usual go to hime gyaru makeup with more colors. Normally I always, always, always have pink lips and brown eye makeup with more contouring. But this time, I play more with highlighters and softer lippies. Before I babble even more, let's just get into the tutorial shall we!