Harley Quinn Inspired Makeup for Halloween

"My boss likes me to wear a smile to work." -Harley Quinn
If I have to be honest, I'm and have always been a Marvel fangirl. Maybe it's just me taking things too seriously but I don't remember the last time I watched a DC movie lol. Even though I'm a Marvel kinda girl, but if I have to pick one of DC characters that I really like and adore, it would definitely be Harley Quinn. The bubbly, crazy, high pitched voice, and her jokes... well almost everything about her makes me like Harley Quinn. Also how she always makes up nicknames like Puddin, Mister J etc. So this Halloween, I decided to do a Harley Quinn look. I've always been a cute (and a bit goth) kind of characters like Alice and cracked doll the past 2 years, but this time doing a different type of character and makeup really challenged me. All I know when I talk about Harley Quinn is... red and black. For red, I always use Etude House play 101 pencil in red as it's the perfect red shade with perfect finish. I noticed I also used this pencil last year for my Halloween look lol. I also did my nails in red and black, with some rhinestones and black rose deco. I also make a quick simple tutorial for this makeup look under the jump.

halloween harley quinn makeup tutorial

1. I apply my normal foundation and darker shade foundation like in the picture to highlight and contour my face better and quicker.

2. With Etude House 101 pencil in red, I draw my brows. (I seriously always use this pencil for anything and everything, including for this look all the red color is using 101 pencil)

3. After applying base eye shadow on my entire eyelids, I dot 101 pencil on my upper lids and smudge them with my ring finger. Red eyeshadow works too, but I am always too lazy to fix the scattered powders this time.

4. I apply dark grey eye shadow and blend it with the red like shown in the picture.

5. I draw my eyeliner on the upper eyeline normally with the long upward wing, then I slightly draw the line inward from the wing.

6. Then I apply more red pencil on my under eye, dab and smudge it downward as seen in the picture.

7. I apply a little bit of dark grey eye shadow on top of the red on the bottom line like in the picture above, making a lower sharp wing using brush.

8. Draw a short line from the inner part of the bottom line to the middle part.

9. Then I draw a sharp but short line with eyeliner to create a sharper eye on the inner corner.

10. I put on my upper eyelashes.

11. Apply concealer on my lips and around my mouth, then I draw a thin lips with the pencil, then extending the smile line making a wide smirk.

12. Last but not least, draw a small heart on the cheekbone with eyeliner and done!

harley quinn halloween makeup

harley quinn halloween makeup

Products used:

Etude House Skin Fit Foundation
Coverderm Classic Foundation no 12
Urban Decay Mariposa in Skimp
Laneige Brush Pact Pore Blur
Etude House Play 101 Pencil no 25
Revlon Photoready Black eyeshadow
IOPE Line Defining Eyeliner

harley quinn halloween makeup

I'm personally not satisfied with this makeup, even though it's not difficult to make but somehow I think it's not perfect or not even close to what I expected it to be. But I hope it's decent enough lol. What do you plan to be this Halloween?

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