Vassen Jewel Brown Circle Lens Review

Hello, everyone! I'm finally back with a new review. It's been too long since my last circle lens review. That's because I've been repurchasing and wearing the same circle lenses I've shared on my blog before, all from Vassen. I think I've been a loyal Vassen user that 80% of my circle lens reviews on this blog were from Vassen. But this time finally I decided to try another Vassen circle lens I've never tried before, which is Jewel in brown color. I noticed I normally opted for either gray or unique colors in the past like gold, purple, pink etc. But lately I feel like I need more natural circle lenses colors as usually my eye makeup can be too much and I think natural colors like brown would balance my look more. Or maybe as I age, I want to look more natural? Either way, I'm loving this brown so far!

Now let me show you how it looks like more after the jump :) 

Wedding Dress Inspirations II

Even though I'm not wearing engagement ring yet, but I'd like to be ready when the time comes and it would be nice if I don't need to worry and freak out which wedding dress I'd wear. Last year I posted the first wedding inspiration post, and when I looked back it seems I was so into fairytale princessy-like wedding dresses. But this time I'm going to share a different set of wedding dress collections that I find beautiful and elegant, perfect for that one big day.