Vassen Jewel Brown Circle Lens Review

Hello, everyone! I'm finally back with a new review. It's been too long since my last circle lens review. That's because I've been repurchasing and wearing the same circle lenses I've shared on my blog before, all from Vassen. I think I've been a loyal Vassen user that 80% of my circle lens reviews on this blog were from Vassen. But this time finally I decided to try another Vassen circle lens I've never tried before, which is Jewel in brown color. I noticed I normally opted for either gray or unique colors in the past like gold, purple, pink etc. But lately I feel like I need more natural circle lenses colors as usually my eye makeup can be too much and I think natural colors like brown would balance my look more. Or maybe as I age, I want to look more natural? Either way, I'm loving this brown so far!

Now let me show you how it looks like more after the jump :) 

vassen jewel brown circle lens

vassen jewel brown circle lens

I received these lenses from Pinky Paradise, and as always they include the animal lens case, as well as the convenient hair velcro. All came in safe bubble wrap.

The back of the lens. I used to always get circle lenses with black thick rims, because they help enlarging my eyes. But this time, I like the outer line of the lenses as well.

And this is how it looks like on my eyes.

vassen brown circle lens
natural lighting

vassen circle lens
with flash

vassen jewel brown before after circle lens

They look really pretty especially with natural lighting. With 14.5mm diameter, it's not too big but they still enlarged my eyes. I think it looks nice for my daily wear at work. The circle lens is as comfortable as other Vassen lenses I try so far. 

To summarize,


Vassen Jewel series are available in 6 colors. It has pretty natural rim and quite simple but still natural looking design. The inner part has some spots where they are transparent so small irises like mine would show the white part of the eyes, but it's not that visible. For me personally, either with or without flash the lenses still look natural, it's just with flash the color is a bit more vibrant while without flash it blends with my natural eyes more. 


It has 14.55 mm diameter and is eyes enlarging, especially if you have small iris like me. Nowadays I always stick to 14.5 mm circle lenses as they are enlarging, comfortable and look more natural on me. 


As always, Vassen never disappoints in comfort department. It stays nice and comfortable for a whole day at work. Normally I have it on my eyes for 8 hours, but when I have to go out I have it longer for around 10+ hours. To be honest, with my sensitive eyes I still need a few drops of eyedrops every few hours because I'm always indoor with air conditioner. But that doesn't change the fact that the lenses always feel secure on my eyes without any irritation, even when I fall asleep during lunch time sometimes. 


I'm not lying whenever I say Vassen is the best circle lens for me, or when I introduce this circle lens brand to almost everyone I know. This one is no exception. Since I'm going for natural while choosing this lens, it doesn't disappoint me. It is pretty though more simple, but I can achieve the natural look wearing this circle lens. The lenses are so comfortable and lasts for over 6 hours without irritation. But I still recommend using eyedrops especially if you have sensitive or dry eyes, or if you're like me who spends a lot of time in air conditioned room. Overall, it's a perfect circle lens I can wear everyday without having people around look at me as if I'm an alien lol.

PinkyParadise for $22.90

vassen brown circle lens

vassen circle lens gyaru blonde

That's all for today's review, but look forward to my next post as it'll be a giveaway! Hopefully you like this post and as always thank you for reading :)

Disclaimer: The product mentioned above was sent to me for review purposes, however all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own.

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