Wedding Dress Inspirations II

Even though I'm not wearing engagement ring yet, but I'd like to be ready when the time comes and it would be nice if I don't need to worry and freak out which wedding dress I'd wear. Last year I posted the first wedding inspiration post, and when I looked back it seems I was so into fairytale princessy-like wedding dresses. But this time I'm going to share a different set of wedding dress collections that I find beautiful and elegant, perfect for that one big day. 

While it looks more simple than my usual picks, but this wedding dress looks gorgeous to me. The off shoulder is very appealing and would look great on anyone with pretty collarbone. It is so elegant and beautiful. This dress is the in the top of my list. 

This is another lace wedding dress NZ that I like. It's more simple but still beautiful. It's sleeveless with A line skirt. I think this wedding dress would suit anyone who prefers classic and simple style.

I know some women (probably including myself) would love to see themselves in ball wedding gown on the big day. That is why I don't forget to put this lovely dress on my list too. The upper part of the dress hugs the upper body to hips, emphasizing the body shape well. I heard that mermaid dress isn't too comfortable for a wedding day as it makes us difficult to walk, but for me I wouldn't mind and would just endure it well for this kind of gorgeous mermaid dress. The skirt is so pretty and dreamy looking too! 

Even though it's not white, but this champagne dress is too beautiful to be missed. It's also a mermaid dress with beautiful ruffles lower skirt. This one looks beautiful and luxurious to me, but I wonder how comfortable it would be to walk around in this dress. Either way, it's very pretty and deserve to be included to my inspiration list. 

Beautiful A line dress with lace sleeves for plus size. All these wedding dresses are available in Pickweddingdresses, an online wedding store that caters many wedding dresses in different styles and sizes, including plus size dresses. Be sure to check them out :)

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