Skinfood Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence Review

As someone with bleached (not to mention damaged) dry hair like me, I always wake up with tangled and messy hair when I wake up in the morning. No matter how I brush and make my hair super smooth before bed, I always wake up with weird tangled hair it's giving me headache lol. The only day I am free with that kind of hair is after I wash my hair and use hair serum. Despite having this kind of hair, you can say I'm always pretty lazy when it comes to hair treatment. When I go home from work or outside, all I want to do is just rush to bed and rest or curl in bed watching dramas or playing games. The only hair products I use are mostly hair mask (during hair washing) and hair serum (after hair wash). I know Korean skincare products are extensive not just toner and moisturizer, but also to essence, serum, ampoule, cream, etc. Apparently there's an essence product too for hair. At first glance I thought why should I use it when I already have my usual hair serum? But seeing how bad my hair condition is, I know I should try this hair essence, especially since it contains argan oil. 

Argan oil is known to be very great for skin, face and hair. It is a really good moisturizer, and rich with vit A and E. It is also packed with omega 6 fatty acids, antioxidants. Argan oil in pure form is also good for skin toner and exfoliating, also reducing sebum in your skin! But its benefit not only for skin, but also hair including as leave in conditioner and deep conditioner treatment. It is also able to tame any frizzy hair, making hair more manageable and luscious. While I know this product doesn't have pure argan oil (simply because from what I know, argan oil can cost really expensive), but the fact that it contains argan oil alone already convinced me that it will definitely help my tangled hard-to-manage hair. 

So let's skip my babbles and read more about the product.

skinfood argan oil silk hair essence

skinfood argan oil silk hair essence

skinfood argan oil silk hair essence

It comes in plastic bottle with pump dispenser with 100ml worth of product. There's actually no english description or anything on the back of the packaging. But I got some excerpt from the official Skinfood website about this product: 

DetailsContaining 18 silk-based ingredients as well as moisture-keeping and nutrition-rich argan oil Argan oil Silk Hair Essence gives your dry and damaged hair a silky and lustrous shine.
※ Free of 3 additives for healthy hair : No parabens, alcohol, artificial dyes

[Argan Oil Story]
Argan Oil , Known as oil of God, is produced from the kernels of the argan free, which is now endangered and under protection of UNESCO. It is highly rich in essential fotty acid. Vitamin E, squalene and excellent in keeping moisture that it is valued for hair care.

* To Use- Spred a modest amount through the hair or parts of it and style it as you want.
- Give a more gentle and careful massage to damaged hair. For more effective hair damage prevention, dry your hair after applying essence when your hair is still wet after shampooing.

The product is not liquidy watery, it's quite thick so I haven't experienced easy spilling with this essence. It's also clear and smell good. I apply adequate amount on the end of my hair usually and use my fingers to brush it.

When I took the before photo, I thought it would turn out really bad because of the hair condition was super awful. But when I see the picture as I put the before and after together, I was like why this didn't look as bad as the real hair? Maybe it's just me. But anyways, the before hair was actually extremely tangled and frizzy I couldn't separate them at all. If I kinda pulled a small section of the strands, the whole thing like shown in the photo would get pulled as well since they literally stuck together. You can see it's the same hair parts from my hair color I hope. Cause that back part of my hair is the most uneven, many shades of blonde (since I did my hair on my own and the back part always get neglected and overlooked).

Anyway, I use 2 pumps of the hair essence on the hair and then I smooth them out with my fingers (hair brush would only pull the hair out in this condition). Of course the essence makes the hair more damp afterwards but not greasy. Blow dry the hair while brushing slowly helps so much and I get this result like on the after photo. It still looks a bit messy and not totally straight like normal, but it looks and feels so much better. But it's even more better if I use it right after I wash my hair on my damp hair. Although, to be honest this essence is a really awesome product to have and use on a dry hair as a leave in conditioner. People with less time in their hands (or for lazy people like me) may also find this helpful to keep the hair stay moisturize and in good condition even after it got really messy and frizzy. So for me, it's a really great addition for my quick hair treatment routine, right after my hair serum.


- Subtle perfume-y scent
- Affordable
- Comes with pump dispenser
- Not greasy on the hair or hand
- Smooths out tangled frizzy hair
- Makes hair more silky afterwards
- A little goes a long way

- The size is a bit big for a normal purse, might not so travel friendly

Stylekorean for $6.04

Disclaimer: The product mentioned above was sent to me for review purposes, however all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own.

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