W.LAB Honey Beam Cushion Review

Just when I thought I was finally done with cushion makeup, nope not yet. I am back with a new cushion makeup from W.Lab, a Korean based cosmetics brand. I haven't heard about this brand before so I was so curious to try this. While I can't really find more information about the brand itself (because their main website is in Korean), but I found and learned more about the w-honey beam cushion. As the name suggests, this cushion product contains more than 44% island honey extract and manuka honey. It claims to have triple function, UV protection with SPF 50+/PA+++, whitening, and anti wrinkle, certified by Korean food and drug ministry. It also promises moisture and coverage upon application. Plus, it has gold packaging. If you haven't already noticed, I always have a thing for anything gold, especially cosmetics packaging so at first glance, I already fell in love with this product. But keep reading please to learn more about this product!

w.lab cushion beam honey korean review

w.lab honey beam cushion korean review

How cute is the bumblebee on the box? She looks angry but she's so cute :3 Also there's no english description on the back of the packaging, everything is Korean. There are only 2 shades, #21 Honey Light and #23 Honey Beige.

w.lab korean honey beam cushion review

When I opened the box, there were the cushion puff and cushion both were sealed.

w.lab honey beam korean cushion review

w.lab honey beam korean cushion review

The cute angry bumblebee is also on the cushion packaging! On the back of the cushion, there's also some more words in hangeul that I don't get but most likely it's the shade number, spf and general information. The expiry date is also printed on the back so you'll know until when this product will be safe to use. 

w.lab honey beam korean cushion

w.lab honey beam korean cushion makeup

Just like other korean cosmetic brands cushions, this one is no different in terms of packaging. There's a separator lid and when you open it, you can see it's new with the sealed sticker on top of the sponge. The product is underneath the cushion and it'll seep through the pores of the cushion when you press it lightly. 

w.lab cushion makeup korean review

This is the swatch of both shades on my hand. Honey light is pale perfect for people with fair skin, while honey beige is slightly darker with yellow undertone. Unfortunately there are only 2 shades, just like some other korean BB creams / CC creams. So people with darker skin probably don't like this. But I'm one of some people here who always have no choice but to use one shade darker when it comes to face makeup because sometimes some makeup or stores always have not enough light shade (mostly because the stock isn't available) for fair skin people, and once I found korean makeup I'm so glad #21 from any brands always match my skintone. This one is no exception. 

I wear #21 on the pictures above. As you can see, with nothing on my face, my skin looks so dull and I have many scars and some redness. It doesn't give me full coverage, I still can see some visible scars. But it covers my redness and minor blemishes. My mole, big acne and scars are 70% covered so I'd say this cushion has light to medium coverage. The cushion makes my skin more moist and dewy looking. I've tried a lot of dewy makeup before, but so far this is the product that makes me look so dewy and I like it. The consistency makes it easy to apply and blend into the skin, either with the cushion puff or brush, or even finger. 

The edges of my nose is really dry so the cushion helps me moist those parts. But my nose can be really oily after a few hours so after applying this cushion, I still have to use my blotting powder on my nose cause no matter how lovely dewy look is, I don't want my nose to look oilier. The rest of my face feels moisturized even after 6 hours, but they don't get more oily and I don't see any melting on the rest of my face. 

- Lightweight
- No breakout 
- Travel friendly
- Eliminates redness
- Medium coverage
- Moisturizing with dewy finish; good for dry to normal skin
- Quick application, easy to blend

- Only 2 shades available
- Not full coverage
- Not for oily skin

It's a cushion makeup with medium coverage and SPF 50 that moisturizes and gives dewy finish. It's quick and easy to apply. The cushion comes with a puff that comes in handy. It's light enough to be carried anywhere. Despite the dewy finish, it doesn't make my face look like it's melting but it makes the skin stay moist for long hours. It has decent oil control, but of course blotting paper and/or matte powder is still needed and highly recommended if you have combination skin like me. I dab blotting powder on my nose cause it's where most of my oil comes from. But overall, it's a really amazing base makeup that enhances my overall look on the face as the dewy glow makes my skin looks healthy and nice. And for people with less blemishes, it acts as a good bb cream / sheer foundation that keep their skin moisturized. I've been wearing this cushion since last month and I must say I love it! I normally dab a few dots of bb cream after applying this cushion for more coverage though, and it looks super awesome! 

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w.lab cushion makeup korean review

w.lab cushion korean makeup

That's all for my review today. Thank you for reading and don't forget to join my christmas giveaway

Disclaimer: The product mentioned above was sent to me for review purposes however all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own.

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