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There's nothing more satisfying than scrolling, browsing things you need or don't even need but you want them anyway. For me, I get that satisfaction every single time from online shopping. Don't get me wrong, I like shopping, looking at new things and even trying the products physically in person. But there's always something exciting about shopping at ease, without any hassle at the comfort of your home. At least that's how it is for me. 

I always like it when I find new online stores that look interesting and promising. And this time I found an Indonesian based online store called Sociolla. I actually found it for the first time (yes I might be living under the rocks for the past year) when I won a prize from Canmake Makeup Contest few months ago. One pf the prizes was shopping voucher from Sociolla. At the time, I had no idea what that was, but after my first visit to their website, I learned that they carry a lot of western brands like The Balm, Bourjois, Real Techniques, Maybelline, Guerlain, Philosophy, and even asian brands like Canmake, Laneige, History of Whoo, SK II, Dr Jart, Menard and more. I actually had a hard time picking which I should get and try from the shopping voucher I got. But I like how the website is easy to navigate and I can easily find what I'm looking for with the nice interface. 

So before I ramble even more, I'm going to show you what I got from Sociolla. 

My order came in a pretty pink box.

The products I got in the box are Canmake Strong Eyes Liner, Studio Makeup Gel Eyeliner, Canmake Eye Nuance, and Mavala Cuticle Oil. They also include 15% discount coupon code on my next purchase. 

I haven't really posted new reviews lately, but I'm planning to review some of these products next time. I use all of these regularly. Here is a brief review. I really love the Canmake eyeliner to my surprise, it's really great and I love how precise the felt tip is. On the contrary, Studio Makeup gel liner is probably my least favorite among this mini haul. It looks nice and intense, it also comes with the brush but it smudges easily. Canmake eye nuance is really lovely I love the shimmery cream ish shade, but I wish the dark brown can be more pigmented. On the other hand, Mavala Cuticle Oil is my everything!!! I just randomly picked the first cuticle oil I found on Sociolla cause ever since I do my own acrylic nails lately, I desperately need cuticle oil and this one is breathtaking lol. A little goes a long way, and I never forget to apply the oil everytime after I finish doing all my nails. It saves my cuticle a lot of troubles. 

Now that I received my order, I want to recommend this awesome shopping experience and service for you guys too. 

The order was processed pretty quick and with no issue. But what amazed me is, my order got delivered to me in one day, yes 1 day! I'm located in Jakarta and so are many other stores I purchased from before, but nobody ever delivered what I ordered before within 1 day that's just... so fast and convenient. 

When you don't know what to see and check out, just hover on the shop by departments and you can see their categories for each departments and just click what you need to find. This navigation helped me a lot into finding what I might need and want. 

Aside from the easy to navigate website, which I mention earlier, the website also has a section called Beauty Journal, which basically a page full of all things beauty tips and tricks; from makeup reviews, celebrities hairstyle, to trending makeup tips and many more. 

Earn beauty points as you shop. For every IDR 50,000 of your purchase, you'll get 1 Beauty Point.  Beauty Point can be redeemed in your shopping cart when you're checking out. Beauty Cliques is another interesting thing from Sociolla. Every member is eligible to receive benefits of each clique. We start from Pink Clique, and as we shop and accumulate points and amounts, we can rank up to a higher clique (like high school but less catty and nicer? lol) with better benefits. 

After writing this post, I feel like going to Sociolla and find some things I need to get now because I haven't really purchased anything since my first order. And they've added more brands and new products since my last visit. That History of Whoo's Gong Jin Hyang Mi lipstick is so tempting too. Unless I search really hard on some local online shops, I don't really know where else I can shop The History of Whoo products, let alone try it. But glad to find this brand now available on Sociolla too :D So I'm just going to take more look on the website to find other newly added brands that I missed. 

Thank you for reading hopefully this post is useful if you ever want to shop and have a nice and quick shopping experience! Visit Sociolla for more. 

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