NYX Studio Liquid Liner Review

I'm all about thick black eyeliner, I don't think I can go out without it. Well, not really, unless it's emergency then I have to. Colorful eyeliners aren't really what I'd use daily, or even monthly to be honest. I think the last time I applied one was probably two years ago. But this time, I was open to the idea of color liquid liner again after I got one from Sociolla a while ago. It's NYX Studio Liquid Liner in XT Blue. It looks like cobalt blue to me, and the moment I received it I was in love with the color based on what I saw on the packaging. Then I wonder what kind of look I'd do using this color liner, as my usual gyaru makeup look is normally more of neutral colors with brown, bronze and pink. I rarely do blue, especially cobalt blue. But then working with colors on my face can be fun, when I'm not in a rush or being lazy.

Anyway, back to the product, on the packaging, it already says that it has dramatic color payoff but of course I wouldn't believe it until I try it firsthand. So keep reading to see more about this product. 

It's been raining too much lately that I could barely take good picture with decent lighting. Especially since I always get home around 6-7PM after work and the sun is obviously already gone by the time I go home. I need to invest in ring light or some lighting possibly in the future haha. So yeah, because of the dark days lately, I took a long while to take good picture especially for this one post that I forgot to take detailed pictures of the close up product and brush. But this liquid liner has the normal brush like other liquid liners. It's thin and small so it has quite good precision when applying. It's not stiff, and doesn't hurt or irritate my skin during application. 

nyx studio liquid liner review xt blue

As shown in the picture, it has amazing color payoff. I don't need to use a lot of product to get them to look pigmented. It is very pigmented, and the downside is if I make mistakes accidentally, it is kind of hard to hide it and the only way to do it is with makeup remover and cotton swab. I normally apply the liquid liner on my inner corner of my eyes to the middle part of my lower line. 

nyx studio liquid liner review

- Affordable
- Great color payoff, very pigmented
- Doesn't smudge
- Easy to remove with makeup remover
- Great precision brush tip
- Cruelty free
- A little goes a long way
- Too pigmented, better not make any mistakes 


Sociolla for IDR 120,000

nyx studio liquid liner blue review

nyx studio liquid liner blue

I really like how this liquid liner look on my eyes. I didn't put much but while I might not use this on daily basis, I'll still use the NYX Studio Liquid Liner when I want my eyes to stand out more on special occasion. That's all for today's review, I'll be back with a new review, which is the lipstick I'm wearing on the picture above. Thank you for reading and I'll see you on the next post! :)

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