Canmake Strong Eyes Liner Review

canmake eyeliner strong black review felt tip

Initially, I wanted to write and publish this post last year, a month after I tried this product. But due to some RL circumstances, this post had to be delayed until now. I've had this eyeliner for a year now and before I even start this full review, I just want to say this is my most absolute favorite eyeliner ever! It's quite similar to my previous favorite felt tip liner which was IOPE Line Defining Eyeliner that I posted before. Since early 2016 until recently, I only used this Canmake eyeliner after my IOPE eyeliner ran out so I guess it says a lot how much I love this liner and how it works on me. 

So despite it's been too long since I got this eyeliner, I still want to share the greatness about this product to you. Keep reading to find out more about this eyeliner :D

Vassen Crystal Green Circle Lens Review

vassen crystal circle lens review

Happy Lunar New Year!

As promised in my last circle lens post, I'm going to show you the crystal circle lens also by Vassen, in green color. I wasn't aware that I already have the same crystal circle lens when I ordered this one. Luckily I got another color, which is green. This lens is also known as i.Fairy Super Crystal. Green isn't what I have in mind whenever I am looking for new circle lens. Normally, I'd look for brown or grey, mostly brown which is more wearable. And even if I wanna go crazy wearing non neutral colors, I'd go for purple. I had green circle lens before but none really fascinated me in a good way that made me wanna get it again. I just thought I don't really suit green eyes haha. 

Until I got so obsessed with Love Live anime. Are there other Love Live fans reading my blog? Haha well, if you're familiar with Love Live, (not Sunshine, although I also like Aqours) you might know I'm obsessed with Muse girls, especially Nozomi. I have never really cosplayed a character before, other than some character crappy dress ups I did before that wasn't even close to cosplay. I don't think I ever will to be honest, not that I don't want it but it's quite hard for me to find the costume in my size and obviously I'm not talented nor motivated enough to make my own costume xD So I was thinking I might just dress up like Nozomi in her normal clothes and the first thing I'd need was her green eyes, which led me to get a new green circle lens. Phew that was quite a long babbles explaining why I decided to get green lens haha. 

Anyway, keep reading if you're interested to see how these lenses look on my eyes. 

Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar Review (Pink Salmon and Pink Step)

laneige two tone lip bar review

Laneige is one of my favorite Korean brands and I was excited the first time I saw they released this lipstick line last year. Yes, I've had it for too long and haven't reviewed it still. This was sent to me for review purposes last year. I've used it quite often in many occasions that I even got the second lipstick last month, and finally I'm writing my review now. By now, two or even three tone lip tints are nothing new. This product reminds me of VDL lipstick that I reviewed last year, and I also got the similar peachy orangey shade as that one. And just recently I got another shade of this lip bar, which is the pink reddish one.

Keep reading if you'd like to know more about these lippies!

Vassen Crystal Gray Circle Lens Review

vassen crystal gray circle lens review

Hello, I'm back again today to share my review on this circle lens I received from LensFlavors for review purposes a while ago. I've had it for a long time now and I've been using it a lot as you can see in my recent photos on my facebook and instagram. I only own like 3 circle lenses at the moment but this must've been my recent favorite as it's quite natural (for me) without huge black rims and quite right for my daily wear. As always, it's a Vassen circle lens, my favorite lens brand. I think most of the circle lenses I had and reviewed before were mostly from Vassen as well. 

Anyway, I'll talk more about this circle lens below. 

The Reason Why I Went MIA in 2016


First off, happy new year 2017! I wish you all the good things and may this year be a better and more accomplished year for everyone.

I actually debated a lot whether to continue this blog, my activities in social media (which wasn't much), and if I should really "retire" from the internet and basically everywhere. 2016 was a difficult year for me. Actually I'm not sure if there are still people who follow and read my blog or not, seeing how I disappeared for a long time. I notice that in 2016 I only wrote 3 posts on this blog: an event report, shopping experience, and a short product review. It wasn't much compared to how I used to be quite actively blogging and posting on my facebook & instagram the past couple years. I really think hard for the past several months how to write this post. I hesitated, then convinced myself to gain the courage to do it, then I debated and argued with myself there might not be a single soul that still remembers who I am, and it goes on for a long time. 

I don't want to waste anyone's time to read this 'confession' or rather 'explanation' post for people who visit my blog to read other beauty related posts. So I put this jump break and for those who want to read further, please click more :)