Canmake Strong Eyes Liner Review

canmake eyeliner strong black review felt tip

Initially, I wanted to write and publish this post last year, a month after I tried this product. But due to some RL circumstances, this post had to be delayed until now. I've had this eyeliner for a year now and before I even start this full review, I just want to say this is my most absolute favorite eyeliner ever! It's quite similar to my previous favorite felt tip liner which was IOPE Line Defining Eyeliner that I posted before. Since early 2016 until recently, I only used this Canmake eyeliner after my IOPE eyeliner ran out so I guess it says a lot how much I love this liner and how it works on me. 

So despite it's been too long since I got this eyeliner, I still want to share the greatness about this product to you. Keep reading to find out more about this eyeliner :D

canmake eyeliner felt tip black

canmake eyeliner felt tip black

Canmake Strong Eyes is a brush tipped liquid liner. Canmake is a Japanese brand. The packaging is just a normal plastic-y pen with cap. As it's a brush tip, I always wipe the tip with tissue once I finish using it so there is no glitters or powder or eye shadow residue left on the tip that might make the product dry faster than it's supposed to. The tip isn't too stiff or hard, so it doesn't hurt the eyelids when using it. 

canmake eyeliner strong felt tip black

During this first ink test, I wasn't impressed with its pigmentation. It looked like a cheap so so felt tip liner to me at first. The ink isn't the blackest black I ever saw and might look just like any other drugstore eyeliners that might run out or even dry out in couple months. But no, even after a year I still have the same one. I don't wear this everyday though, but it's been used for a good fair amount and if you know me, I don't only brush and make one line each eye per use. I love thick eyeliner, so yeah I apply it a lot over and over again each use.

For the water test, I notice it's not so waterproof. It doesn't actually disappear once water poured on it. It fades a little bit but majority of the ink stays in place. So when you accidentally get splashed with water (ala Korean dramas and the likes) or even rain, I guess if you apply it good and quite thick, the eyeliner will still on as long as you don't smudge or rub it while it's still wet. Once it's wet and you rub it, it will turn into little debris like shown in the right picture. The cons? It sucks it's not so waterproof and not smudgeproof. The pro? It is a quick way to remove the eyeliner and won't need to rub your skin so hard just to take it off. 

- Affordable
- Long lasting
- Lining eyes and drawing winged liner is so much easier 
- Easy to remove
- More precision with the tip

- Not fully waterproof and smudgeproof

I don't have oily eyelids but before I apply any eye makeup I always put on concealer or primer as base and with the eyeshadow act as powder, the eyeliner (and any eyeliner really) stays on longer as long as I don't rub it hard (but then again I never rub my eyes because I have sensitive eyes). Though Canmake Strong Eyes Liner may look just like other eyeliners you tried before, but I have to say that this must be the eyeliner that allows me to easily draw any shape I want without having to use the higher side of the tip if that makes sense. A lot of brush tip liners don't always have its tip let out the liquid liner as easy as the higher parts of the brush. Jordana felt tip eyeliner is one of the examples. The tip just totally dries and that means it's making application on the inner part much harder for me. But not Canmake. I've used this eyeliner a lot in many occasions and it's one of the best eyeliner with felt tip that I've tried. I always draw my inner corner because the inner corner of my eyes are too round, and with Canmake Strong Eyes Liner it's just easy peasy. 

And like I've mentioned above, it's a bummer that it's not fully waterproof and it can easily disappear if I rub it hard when it's wet. But if you stay away from drenching your eyes with water (why would you anyway? Unless you're swimming but then there's other waterproof products you can use if you plan to go swimming with makeup on) and rubbing your eyes, you're good to go. I don't do that, so it's not a big problem for me. In fact, I love how easy it is and with minimal effort I can just remove and erase the eyeliner so quick when I want to. 

So everytime anyone ask how I can draw my inner corner liner so sharp and precise, and why my eyeliner and winged liner look great, well I always tell them (over and over again to some people lol) to get this freaking eyeliner. Seriously, it's my life saver. Like I said, I still have it and it's still running great even after a year so it's totally worth it. Especially, since I got this product with free shopping voucher that I won from a makeup competition sooo yes definitely not regretting everything haha. But I would totally repurchase this once I run out. I actually purchased a new one for my mom because I saw her struggling with her liquid liner.

eyeliner canmake felt tip black vassen crystal circle lens

And here is a super mini compilation of my eye makeup. Jk it's a collage of the Canmake liner on my eyes. If you follow me on facebook and instagram, I think I wear this eyeliner in 80% of my pictures. But these ones I compiled above was ones of the most recent one as you can see in all of them I wear my latest favorite circle lens, Vassen Crystal lenses. There are some days my inner corner liner looks decent and some look bad, but in all those days I always use this Canmake Strong Eyes Liner. No matter how basic or crazy looking my eye makeup is, I always use this eyeliner cause it's so convenient. 

Well, I guess that's all for today's review. I can't believe I post 2 reviews on this weekend haha. Anyway, I'll see you again on my next post~ Have an amazing weekend! 

Disclaimer: The product mentions above was not sent or sponsored by any companies. I am not affiliated with Canmake, nor getting paid to write this post. All thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own.

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