Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar Review (Pink Salmon and Pink Step)

laneige two tone lip bar review

Laneige is one of my favorite Korean brands and I was excited the first time I saw they released this lipstick line last year. Yes, I've had it for too long and haven't reviewed it still. This was sent to me for review purposes last year. I've used it quite often in many occasions that I even got the second lipstick last month, and finally I'm writing my review now. By now, two or even three tone lip tints are nothing new. This product reminds me of VDL lipstick that I reviewed last year, and I also got the similar peachy orangey shade as that one. And just recently I got another shade of this lip bar, which is the pink reddish one.

Keep reading if you'd like to know more about these lippies!

laneige two tone tint bar review
laneige two tone lip bar review

As you can see, the first lip packaging is from the one I got last year, which is no 3 Pink Salmon. And it has different packaging from the new shade I got last month. Granted, they probably came from different batch and released year so maybe it's just that, no biggie. But it's pretty amusing that the box packaging is different ant the new one has more holographic to it, which isn't visible on the picture above.

laneige two tone lip bar review

laneige two tone lip bar review

laneige two tone lip bar review
 Just the box with the shade number name, and swatch. Expiry date was printed on the back of the box top cap so please check before you throw away the box packaging ^^

laneige two tone lip bar review

The lippie packaging is the usual Laneige style, plastic white with metal ish. To open the product you can just pull up the cap. 

laneige two tone lip bar review

Feat my ugly nails from last year lol. Anyway, what makes this different from normal lipstick is it has some kind of button on the side. So after you remove the cap, you pull the button down to use the lipstick. Make sure the button is on the top before and after use.

laneige two tone lip bar review

laneige two tone lip bar review

This is the pink salmon, no 3. 

laneige two tone lip bar review
And the other shade I got is no 6 Pink Step.

laneige two tone lip bar review
laneige two tone lip bar review

After one year, the pink salmon is like this lol and this is why I didn't swatch the products the first time I got it. I was scared I'd ruin and mix the colors. It's probably my OCD though with two tone lips. Even though eventually I ruined the lip bar, as seen on pink salmon lippie.

laneige two tone lip bar review

Depending on how you wear it, the results may be different. I know it looks different on my lips from day to day. Sometimes the pink salmon looks so orange, sometimes it's too coral, sometimes a mix of both. If you still like gradient lips, this may be the perfect lippie for that. I still love glossy gradient lips from time to time. Well, as I have dry lips I still prefer glossy over the trending matte lips, but that's me ^^ 

Applying this lippie can be tricky at first as you have to flip it a certain way to get the colors or style that you like. But for sure, always always put lip concealer on first before applying your lipstick as it results in better color payoff. So either for full lips or gradient lips, I say this lippie is a really perfect lipstick. I mean, Laneige lipsticks are one of my favorites so this Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar is no exception! 

- It is a two tone lipstick with 14 colors to choose from
- Nice packaging
- Pigmented
- No more twisting to get the product out, just adjust the button on the side
- Easy application; swipe, flip, swipe... or dab for softer diffused upper lip
- Pretty moisturizing
- Decent lasting power

- As always, it's Laneige, so the price might be a little pricey
- The side button might also be a downside if you forget to put the switch button up before closing the cap

 Yes, Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar is a nearly perfect lipstick. At least for me. It's just so convenient with the side button to take out the product without twisting. It's pretty moisturizing and pigmented. But people with pigmented lips need to put lip concealer especially to get the best color payoff. As I haven't tried the other colors yet, so these two Pink Salmon and Pink Step are two of my favorite glossy lipsticks. If I have to compare with Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick, it's almost about the same but since this is a two tone lipstick I'll choose this one over serum intense. 

Jolse for $20.38 (original colors) and $22.93 (new colors)

laneige two tone lip bar review
sorry I didn't realize I didn't turn off auto soft skin on my camera
laneige two tone lip bar review
pink step can be as subtle or as vibrant as this one

That is all my review for today. I hope this post wasn't too confusing as it is now 3.30am here so I'm sorry if there are misspelled words too xD Anyway, I highly recommend this lippie if you're into glossy lips with gradient effect. 

Have you tried this lipstick? Which color do you like more?

Thank you for reading and see you on my next makeup post! :D 

Disclaimer: The product mentions above (the pink salmon) was sent to me for review purposes. However all thoughts and opinions are honest and entirely my own.

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