Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

valentine day makeup tutorial

Hey everyone! For the first time ever on my blog, this post will be in both English and Indonesian so please read your desired language ^^ But I apologize for my weird sounding Indonesian in advance.

Hai semua! Untuk pertama kalinya di blog ku, post kali ini ada dalam dua bahasa, Inggris dan Indonesia jadi silakan membaca bahasa yang di inginkan ya ^^ Tapi sebelumnya aku minta maaf untuk bahasa Indonesia ku yang mungkin terdengar aneh.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and with that, I and my friend, Via from All About Via blog are making a Valentine's Day makeup look. Honestly for the past few years I didn't care much about Valentine's day makeup as I never had a date on that day since 2013 lol. Well, because my boyfriend is never here around February so my Valentine's Day is usually around June-July when he comes here. That's why I never really bothered with looking great on Valentine's day haha (not that I look great on June/July cause I don't really dress up unless I have to when he's around). This year is no exception. I still have no Val's day date, but that doesn't mean I don't want to doll up. I feel like I dolled up more often recently for no apparent reason, except for the reason that I love playing with makeup so much lol. Anyway, this look of mine might be a little too much for some but this will fit also for anyone who's not doing anything special on Valentine's Day, like me. It may be a bit too glittery and over the top but hey not only people with dates can doll up and looking pretty on this day.

Valentine Day kali ini sudah dekat dan karena itu, aku dan temanku Via dari All About Via membuat makeup untuk Valentine. Sejujurnya selama beberapa tahun terakhir ini aku nggak begitu peduli tentang makeup di hari Valentine berhubung aku ngga pernah nge-date di hari Valentine sejak tahun 2013 haha. Karena pacarku ngga pernah ada di sini pada bulan Februari jadi hari Valentine ku biasanya sekitar Juni-Juli saat dia datang ke sini. Karena itu aku ngga pernah peduli akan berpenampilan cantik di hari Valentine (biarpun aku tetap ngga kelihatan cantik saat hari Valentine ku di bulan Juni-Juli karena aku memang jarang dandan saat pacarku ada disini kecuali ada acara atau hal lain yang membuatku harus dandan). Tahun ini bukan pengecualian. Aku masih ngga punya date di hari Valentine, tapi itu bukan berarti aku ngga ingin berdandan. Rasanya aku lebih sering dandan akhir-akhir ini tanpa alasan yang khusus, selain karena begitu sukanya aku bermain dengan makeup haha. Anyway, tampilan makeup ku mungkin agak sedikit berlebihan untuk beberapa orang, tapi ini juga cocok untuk siapapun yang ngga punya acara spesial di hari Valentine, seperti aku. Ini juga mungkin terlalu ber-glitter dan berlebihan tapi hei ngga cuma orang-orang yang punya acara dan pacar aja yang bisa berdandan dan terlihat cantik dan spesial di hari Valentine.

If you're interested to see how I created this look, please read more. 

Kalau kamu tertarik melihat gimana aku membuat tampilan ini, silakan dibaca terus ya.

OPI Axxium & Madam Glam Soak Off Top Gel Review

opi axxium madam glam soak off top gel nail review

The world feels like a much brighter place when you see your dull freshly filed and buffed acrylic nails gets sealed by your shiny top coat. At least that's how I feel every single time. I always look forward to getting to that last step everytime I am making new nails because I just love how shiny and beautiful it looks afterwards. But for the longest time, I've used normal nail top coat. About a month ago I decided it was time for me to invest on gel nails and LED lamp for better results. I ordered Madam Glam soak off top gel on their website around New Year because they were having 50% off for most of their products. It was just a perfect chance to get it because I had heard sooo many good things about Madam Glam and saw too many review videos and liked what I saw. But the shipping from the UK took a long while (thanks DHL!) that for almost 3 weeks it got stuck in Germany and I only received the parcel one week ago. So yeah it took a month to get here. I was anxious and impatient that I ordered OPI Axxium top sealer from a local shop here 2 weeks ago while waiting for Madam Glam. So I end up with two gel nails now and I think it'd be interesting to compare both products. 

Both look almost similar, all black with white fonts. I also made a mini review video for this post as well. But I figured I'd write more about it on this blog cause I don't really do great job explaining things verbally. So keep reading if you want to see more about these two products! 

Hera Easy Styling Eyeliner Review

hera easy styling eyeliner review

Hera is one of Korean high end brands that I've always wanted to try. I heard great things about this brand, from their lipsticks to bb cushions since 2 years ago. Last year, I decided to try their eyeliner because I'm quite an eyeliner addict, I always want to find new eyeliners that might stay on better on my eyes. I had good experience with IOPE eyeliner, so I always want to try other eyeliners from similar brands like Hera. I was totally excited to try this product, especially because this eyeliner has a quiet unique mechanism which I will show you more in this post.

Keep reading if you're interested to find out more about this product.