OPI Axxium & Madam Glam Soak Off Top Gel Review

opi axxium madam glam soak off top gel nail review

The world feels like a much brighter place when you see your dull freshly filed and buffed acrylic nails gets sealed by your shiny top coat. At least that's how I feel every single time. I always look forward to getting to that last step everytime I am making new nails because I just love how shiny and beautiful it looks afterwards. But for the longest time, I've used normal nail top coat. About a month ago I decided it was time for me to invest on gel nails and LED lamp for better results. I ordered Madam Glam soak off top gel on their website around New Year because they were having 50% off for most of their products. It was just a perfect chance to get it because I had heard sooo many good things about Madam Glam and saw too many review videos and liked what I saw. But the shipping from the UK took a long while (thanks DHL!) that for almost 3 weeks it got stuck in Germany and I only received the parcel one week ago. So yeah it took a month to get here. I was anxious and impatient that I ordered OPI Axxium top sealer from a local shop here 2 weeks ago while waiting for Madam Glam. So I end up with two gel nails now and I think it'd be interesting to compare both products. 

Both look almost similar, all black with white fonts. I also made a mini review video for this post as well. But I figured I'd write more about it on this blog cause I don't really do great job explaining things verbally. So keep reading if you want to see more about these two products! 

opi axxium madam glam soak off gel top nail review

opi axxium madam glam soak off gel top nail review

opi axxium madam glam soak off gel top nail review

As you can see on the pictures above, one thing I noticed the first time was OPI says that it's a no cleanse top coat. The ingredients list is located on the very bottom of the bottle. Peel the little paper and you can see the ingredients list in that tiny round paper. OPI Axxium was the first one of the two that I tried. It didn't have any instructions how long it'd take to cure so the first time I tried for 60 seconds, just in case. The result is really nice, and after several uses I learned that even in 30 seconds it cures nicely. I love that it has no tacky layers. So it really lives up to its claims, no cleanse top sealer.

Meanwhile, Madam Glam includes the instruction on the back of the bottle, after the ingredients list, that it must be cured with LED light for 30 seconds per coat and with UV light for 2 minutes per coat. The downside is, it leaves tacky residue afterwards (at least for me) but it can easily be removed with rubbing alcohol. Still, when I'm in a rush (and I'm always in a rush) it can be a tad bit inconvenient when I forget that this top gel leaves tacky layer and ends up accidentally touching it and it can be a bit messy. Nothing too much just a tiny bit of my fingerprint stays there lol and I don't like it so I end up applying another coat of the gel on my nail. The great thing about this Madam Glam soak off gel is, I feel like it's more clear and shiny. I don't know if it's just me but I feel more satisfied looking at my nail with Madam Glam top coat. OPI Axxium is so great and convenient but beautiful finish wise, I prefer Madam Glam.

You can watch my short video below to see how it is in motion lol


- Cure quickly no matter how many coats
- No tacky residue

- Less glass like finish
- Only UV lamp can cure it

Tailormade Nails

- Shiny glass finish
- Can be cured with UV and LED lights

- It leaves tacky layer which has to be removed with alcohol

Madam Glam

Both has its pro and cons. Finish wise, I love Madam Glam more. But I love that OPI Axxium gel sealer doesn't need to be wiped with alcohol, is fast to cure no matter how many coats I apply on the nail. But to be honest the finish isn't as beautiful as Madam Glam, although the difference isn't that huge but still noticeable to me. So when I have more time to do all fingers without rushing, I'd just use Madam Glam but if I'm already too tired and spent too much time doing my nails that I can't wait to finish it all quickly, I'd use OPI Axxium.

opi axxium madam glam soak off gel nails top coat review

I'm sorry for the ugly dry skin on my fingers and my pinky nail looks not proportional lol. I'm always so bad doing my right nails, especially in such short time. I mixed Tones acrylic glitters with my own glitter mix on my nails and Mia Secret clear. I didn't make a video of this nail set because it's just too simple and easy I think everyone will be bored watching it but the next time I make something more detailed maybe I will try to make the video if anyone wants to see it. As you can see I'm still learning everyday to make a better one as I just tried to make my own since last year and there's barely enough decent acrylics from where I am so I tend to use the same ones that I have haha. But yeah let me know if anyone wants to see it next time~

When I have more time I'll try to upload my makeup videos too >.< But I'm not sure when that will be xD So for now I guess nails only videos on my youtube channel. Please subscribe here if you haven't ^^

Thank you for reading this post, if you made it to the end of this~ That is all and I'll see you on my next makeup post!

Disclosure: The products mentioned above were purchased with my own money. I did not receive them as PR samples nor get paid to write this post.

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