Must Have Lead Free Lipsticks

I love makeup so much! Especially recently, I love playing with various makeup products and colors even more. I think I put on makeup more than I ever did before. I know some makeup products can be real dangerous for not only my skin, but also health in the long run. I admit I didn't thoroughly read the ingredients list of the makeup and skincare products I've been using lately, until I read various articles about the dangerous ingredients that are found in many daily cosmetics and toiletries that people, including myself, use everyday.

As a makeup addict, I've heard some of the dangerous ingredients that shouldn't have been in one of the many products that I use. I read about them countless times before, especially ingredients like paraben, talc, mica and the likes. But after reading more about it these past few weeks, there are just more than that. That is including lead, an ingredient that's often found in most lipsticks. I read more about some lippies products that's been known as products with the most lead, and I was shocked to see some of the mainstream cosmetics brands like Maybelline, L'oreal, NARS, and Revlon are included in the list. I'm sure there are more brands whose products contain lead which can affect our health. And that's just one of the 7 known dangerous ingredients.

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