Online Shopping in the US Just Got Easier

online shopping mymallbox review

Living in Indonesia can be inconvenient at times, especially when all I did was online shopping when I couldn't find the things I needed and wanted here. I resorted to ebay, amazon, and other online stores that's sadly located mainly in the US. Though they actually cost more cheaper than some of what some local sellers offer, but the international shipping fee is something I always need to reconsider again and again before I make a purchase. I mean, if I need to buy 5-7 products from 3 different online stores and different online shopping platforms, then my shipping fee would be 3 times pricier. Not to mention the extra charge for the custom duty and stuff. Knowing how it works here, I'm pretty sure the custom duty fee would be half of the product value so I never really want to shop from the US, even though many of the things that I want are based in the states. I'm lucky enough my boyfriend never complain about the amount of my shopping bags he has to pack among his stuff in his luggage everytime he visits me. But he doesn't come here every month so I can only shop through him once a year (sadly) and how exactly I can wait for a year to get the stuff I need? I can't.

I was excited when I heard about MyMallBox. It is a package forwarding company that surely is a big help for non Americans to shop and get their packages safely to the rest of the world. I got my items in 2 days after MyMallBox shipped it so I couldn't be more excited. 

Read more to learn more about this and get extra credit to your balance for first use.

LED Mirror Review

led mirror review

Hello again~ 

As you can see from the title picture above, yes, this post is not going to be about beauty or makeup related. But this post might be relevant to you girls (and guys) who want to add another twinkling mirror on your vanity. You may already have 3-4 mirrors standing on your dressing table, not to mention few other compact mirrors you already store in your drawers. But we can never have too many mirrors, am I right? I've been looking for LED mirror for a while now. Mostly are huge and expensive, totally out of my budget range while the rest that I found are overpriced. I have my ring light that I place between my desk and the wall, but it's just too much and too bright to use when I need to put my makeup on once the sun is down. I do have my table lamp (also LED) but the light isn't enough for my glam makeup prep lol while the lighting on my room isn't that ideal either. So, I'm glad to have found this fancy but affordable mirror!

With that being said, if you're still interested to know more about the mirror I just got here, please read more :)

Princess Pinky Gemini Night Circle Lens Review

circle lens brown review

When it comes to circle lens, lately I prefer to wear natural colors like brown. I have only brown colors mostly with 1-2 grey and green colors in my circle lens collection. While in the past I used to want only big circle lens with thick black rims to emphasize and enlarge my eyes, lately I want smaller (around 14.5mm) diameters circle lens. I guess I grew up? lol 

Anyway, today I'll be reviewing Princess Pinky Night Gemini circle lens in brown color. Initially I wanted to try the grey color but the brown circle lens on the ad was so beautiful and I ended up getting the brown one. If you're interested to see more of this circle lens please read more.