LED Mirror Review

led mirror review

Hello again~ 

As you can see from the title picture above, yes, this post is not going to be about beauty or makeup related. But this post might be relevant to you girls (and guys) who want to add another twinkling mirror on your vanity. You may already have 3-4 mirrors standing on your dressing table, not to mention few other compact mirrors you already store in your drawers. But we can never have too many mirrors, am I right? I've been looking for LED mirror for a while now. Mostly are huge and expensive, totally out of my budget range while the rest that I found are overpriced. I have my ring light that I place between my desk and the wall, but it's just too much and too bright to use when I need to put my makeup on once the sun is down. I do have my table lamp (also LED) but the light isn't enough for my glam makeup prep lol while the lighting on my room isn't that ideal either. So, I'm glad to have found this fancy but affordable mirror!

With that being said, if you're still interested to know more about the mirror I just got here, please read more :)

I received the package from tosave shop and it came with bubble wrap and instructions.

Once it's unboxed, the mirror was also wrapped with bubble wrap so it came to me in one piece. At first I was worried the mirror would be cracked or something during shipping. But phew it was all alright.

led mirror review misaraisu

The mirror was protected by another layer of protective film paper. The mirror size in centimeters is 25.5 x 18.5 cm. There's another instruction label near the button thing. It says turn on the switch at the rear and press & hold to adjust brightness. 

The back side of the mirror. It looks like photo frame with a switch. In the middle part, there's the place for the batteries. For this mirror, the batteries needed are 4 AA batteries. Once they were placed correctly, I turned on the switch in the back.

led mirror review

To turn on the LED lights, I just had to touch the circle button on the center of the mirror. What's cool about this mirror is I could adjust the brightness and make it more brighter with holding on the button longer until it was the brightest (if I want to). To turn if off, I just need to touch the button again once and it'd be off.

Look at those lights! It's not edited so it's pretty much 98% of what it will look like in person, except it's a tad bit brighter in real life. There are 16 lights in this mirror so it's the perfect led mirror even in your darkest room, and also to flaunt your glam highlight.

led mirror review misaraisu

This was taken at night without any room lighting, and just with mirror lights cause I want to show you how quite bright it is even without any lights. I mean, sure I've seen brighter led mirror like those hollywood style mirror but the price is surely different by a lot. So for its price, this mirror and its lights and brightness are really amazing to me.

led mirror review misaraisu
taken with camera
led mirror misaraisu
taken with beautyplus app using front camera

Both selfies were taken with the mirror in front of me. The first one was taken with camera and the last one with beautyplus app on my phone. The app adds additional brightness though so that is why it's brighter (and that's why I use it so often lol). But I like that this lighting is so perfect for my phone selfies. I didn't turn on my ring light and it appears to have enough brightness (with the beauty app too) which is amazing to me, still. Honestly, with ring light my eyes get so red and watery I can't handle it sometimes haha. But this LED mirror is apparently the answers to my constant "not perfect lights" whining whenever I'm having my selfie session, not to mention that my ring light tends to wash out my makeup and skin so this is the more reason I use the mirror more often lately. But of course, for makeup photos I still need my ring light and camera lol. But hey for people who don't want to invest $100-250 for a ring light, this might be a cheaper solution with almost similar result if you have the right app on your phone!

This mirror is only $13.68 on tosave website and it has 3 colors options: black (mine), pink and white. They also ship worldwide. Also check out BeautyInHair~

For my personal rating, I give this a 5 stars because I love it that much. I've been eyeing this exact mirror on many sellers on ebay for the longest time. While there are varieties of models but they all priced around $18-20 and up to $30. So I wasn't joking when I said this mirror is affordable. Plus, with all those lights and brightness, I wouldn't have any complaints ^-^ 

Well, I hope I didn't babble and rant too much on this post. It's been a while since I posted something fun like this one. I guess I do miss blogging a lot haha. I'll try to post more often I promise I already have many photos transferred from my camera to laptop. I just need to edit them to be more presentable and then start babbling again on my posts like I used to. Hope you like this post though!

Do you already have your favorite mirror on your dressing table? What kind of mirrors do you use?

Disclosure: The product mentioned above was sent to me for review purposes however all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own. I do NOT get paid to write this post and say positive things.

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