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Living in Indonesia can be inconvenient at times, especially when all I did was online shopping when I couldn't find the things I needed and wanted here. I resorted to ebay, amazon, and other online stores that's sadly located mainly in the US. Though they actually cost more cheaper than some of what some local sellers offer, but the international shipping fee is something I always need to reconsider again and again before I make a purchase. I mean, if I need to buy 5-7 products from 3 different online stores and different online shopping platforms, then my shipping fee would be 3 times pricier. Not to mention the extra charge for the custom duty and stuff. Knowing how it works here, I'm pretty sure the custom duty fee would be half of the product value so I never really want to shop from the US, even though many of the things that I want are based in the states. I'm lucky enough my boyfriend never complain about the amount of my shopping bags he has to pack among his stuff in his luggage everytime he visits me. But he doesn't come here every month so I can only shop through him once a year (sadly) and how exactly I can wait for a year to get the stuff I need? I can't.

I was excited when I heard about MyMallBox. It is a package forwarding company that surely is a big help for non Americans to shop and get their packages safely to the rest of the world. I got my items in 2 days after MyMallBox shipped it so I couldn't be more excited. 

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This is how it works. You get your own US address once you sign up to their website. It's the address that you should put in your shipping details when you shop on any US online stores. Once your order arrives at their warehouse (your US address), your package will stay there for as long as 90 days untouched. Well, obviously you'd want to ship it to your address right away if you're done shopping. But if not, go shop more from other stores and your orders will all be stored in the same warehouse until you're ready to ship to your home address.

If you have difficulties finalizing your order on the store website due to payment issues, don't worry - I know Paypal Indonesia doesn't allow you to ship to US address so it's definitely an issue if you don't have credit card. I had to use my credit card instead of paypal when I shopped at Forever21. MyMallBox can help you shop in the store. Just click Buy For Me option and you can enter the URL of the things you want them to buy, the store name, and other details and then it will add $4.50 Handling fee & a 3% transaction fee.

Once your package has arrived, you will get notified on MyMallBox website and your email.

You can head to the website and on your package page you can choose what to do, consolidate - combine multiple packages in your warehouse into one box to be shipped together to save some shipping fee, or repack - pack all your items in original packages into a new smaller box. 

Aside of Forever21, I also got other things, including Influenster VoxBox (which I will review very soon!) and I chose to consolidate my packages. After one and half day, I checked the website again and my package was consolidated and ready to be shipped. So I did. There were 2 shipping options: DHL Express or USPS. I chose DHL express to ship my 3lbs package and it only cost $34 for the shipping. I compared it with other popular package forwarding services like MyUS and ViaBox and with DHL express they cost $60 something and $310 respectively for the same weight and dimensions. So I can say that MyMallBox is definitely cheaper. You can also save shipping cost if you share with a friend! 

After they processed my package, I got another email that my package is shipped and on its way to me. Honestly I had some problems with DHL around 2 months ago that I didn't expect much. But to my surprise, my package eventually arrived in 2 days to my office! The downside is, I had to pay the custom duty fee that was nearly half of my package value, which really sucks but I knew it'd happen because that's how it is in Indonesia I think. When I read other blog posts that use MyMallBox, they didn't have to pay extra custom fee but I knew it wasn't the case with my country so there's nothing I could do about that lol. At least I got my package so instantly (yes I've never used an express service before) and at least this saves me from paying nearly the same amount of custom duty fee just once (unlike having to pay the same amount per every package that arrives) so I was beyond satisfied. 

I checked my package right away. It was all wrapped safely with huge bubble wrap. All my clothes and makeup are still intact, no damage. 

So my overall opinion about MyMallBox service is it's a really satisfying shopping experience. You don't need any expensive monthly or yearly membership to use their service. The people at MyMallBox are friendly and respond to your messages and questions pretty quickly and ready to help my noob self anytime. They can shop for you (with a little fee) if you have problems with the payment system on some online stores. The website is easy to navigate and I believe with either shipping service you pick will get to you in 2-3 days max. You can also use their shipping calculator to roughly estimate your shipping fee.

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I'll definitely use their service again when I need to shop in US online stores again!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by MyMallBox however all thoughts and opinions are honest and entirely my own.

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