Princess Pinky Gemini Night Circle Lens Review

circle lens brown review

When it comes to circle lens, lately I prefer to wear natural colors like brown. I have only brown colors mostly with 1-2 grey and green colors in my circle lens collection. While in the past I used to want only big circle lens with thick black rims to emphasize and enlarge my eyes, lately I want smaller (around 14.5mm) diameters circle lens. I guess I grew up? lol 

Anyway, today I'll be reviewing Princess Pinky Night Gemini circle lens in brown color. Initially I wanted to try the grey color but the brown circle lens on the ad was so beautiful and I ended up getting the brown one. If you're interested to see more of this circle lens please read more.

princess pinky gemini brown circle lens

I got velcro hair clip and animal case that came with the circle lens box.

princess pinky gemini brown circle lens

The circle lens is packaged in this cute pink and black box with some details shown on the box.

princess pinky gemini brown circle lens

On the side of the box, it displays the other colors that this circle lens series have which are blue, grey, green and brown.

princess pinky gemini brown circle lens

Thank god for no vial bottles :D Sure vial bottles feel more secure but the cap removing process is usually not so convenient for me. This one is packaged in a plastic-y container and all I had to do was tear the silver seal with no hassle. The description of this circle lens is printed on top of the seal. The diameter is 14.5mm with 8.80 curve and contains 42% water. It will expired in 2021, which I believe you can store it in your drawer until 2020 and you can still unseal it by 2021 and wear it just fine. But with any contacts, I suggest to change and remove them from your collection every 6 to 12 months once you unsealed them. But in this case, Princess Pinky lens can only last for 30 days. That means once you open and wear it, you can only wear it for the next 30 days because it's a monthly circle lens.

princess pinky gemini brown circle lens

The design is pretty much just around the center part of the lens. The first time I saw it after I unboxed the lens I was like, wait that's it? I knew I didn't expect this to be enlarging much like my other circle lenses but these lenses are clearly not going to enlarge anything. The color is light yellow except around the design which is more of medium darker yellow. This got me worried as well, I was worried once worn, my eyes would not even look light brown like the ad lol but.... 

princess pinky gemini brown circle lens

The color looks more grey ish green on me? I'm glad though that the color looks pretty, even though it's not so brown on me. I actually really like the color. I never had or wore this kind of circle lens color before. The downside is this circle lens doesn't give any enlargement, as you can see around the outside of my iris. They yellow leftover part can be seen during closeup but not so much on normal viewing distance. It can fit eyes people with bigger iris as it has 14.5mm diameter.

I've always said this on most of my circle lens reviews on this blog, that my eyes love Vassen lenses so much that it tends to be more sensitive and reddish wearing other brands. And this one is included. I guess it's just me though thanks to my ultra sensitive eyes. I saw other bloggers that love this circle lens, so for people with sensitive eyes like me, Princess Pinky Gemini might not be for you. It's actually not that severe it's just a little not so comfortable as Vassen lenses I used and had. I wore this for 6 hours and I felt like I needed to remove this at the 5th hour. But I'm also someone who can't wear EOS circle lens for a long time, for your reference. This one isn't uncomfortable, but not exactly super comfortable either according to my sensitive eyes. I had to use lens lubricant drops more often than usual while wearing Princess Pinky.

Aside of that, I'm pretty in love with this circle lens, especially the color. You can have the darkest eye color and your eyes will look up to 3 shades lighter with this. The result wearing this circle lens is very natural and perfect for daily wear.

princess pinky gemini circle lens review misaraisu



Pinky Paradise for $11.90

That is all for today's review. Thank you for reading this post, hopefully it helps :)

Disclosure: The product mentioned above was sent to me for review purposes however all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and 100% my own. I do not get paid to write any positive reviews.

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