Esqido Mink Lashes and Companion Eyelash Glue Review

My makeup style may have slightly or not so slightly changed over the years, but my love for false lashes remains the same, if not stronger. I used to collect a lot of thick and long false lashes and stack wearing them which not only makes my eyelid feel heavy by the end of the day but also create that super fake lashes look. I mean we all know I'm wearing falsies, but those synthetic lashes really can look unflattering in person. And since the end of 2016 I started buying more mink lashes. Even though most of them are too natural and short for my liking, but I love wearing some that are on the thicker and longer side. I'm still and always on the hunt for more crazier, longer, thicker mink upper and lower lashes on the market so I was excited when a little while ago I was contacted by Esqido, a company that carries our falsies needs, to try some of their products, a pair of beautiful premium mink lashes that I chose and this brilliant eyelash glue.

Without further ado, let's look more into these babies!

esqido mink lashes

Here is the pair of lashes that I'm going to review: Midnight Symphony. It comes in a fancy box case, and the back side has a lot more of descriptions and manufacturing details.

esqido mink lashes

Here is what it looks like when I open the lashes box. It has this fancy magnet case that is quite different from other falsies case that I had before.

esqido 3d premium mink lashes

esqido premium mink lashes

It may not be the longest lashes, but in a glance it surely will give more volume and thought it is quite thicker, it;s still on the natural side. Well, for me anyway. It is quite easy to pull the lashes band from the plastic case and won't require extra strength which will ruin the lashes shape or strands, which sometimes happens with my previous lashes box.

esqido eyelash glue

I also received this eyelash glue called Esqido Companion eyelash glue. The tip is like eyeliner brush and it's pretty flexible. I didn't notice any strong smells whatsoever, and while I didn't touch the glue myself with my finger to check its texture, but upon using the glue with the lashes I can tell that it's not super sticky that makes my life difficult during application. And just like many other eyelash glue, I wait for few seconds after applying the glue on the lash band before I attach the lashes on my lash line. My lashes stay still the whole day even with my hooded eyelids (which usually cause the inner part of the falsies to kinda peeled off after a long day). With the container size, I can guarantee that a little goes a long way!

esqido mink lashes
 Say hello to my downward natural eyelashes. Without these mink lashes, my eyes look meh but I extremely love how beautiful these lashes are!

esqido mink lashes

 esqido mink lashes misaraisu blog

I can't express how much I love these lashes. I love the design, volume and the final look on my eyes with these lashes on. I'm not gonna lie, at the end of the day it kinda feels heavy after wearing these lashes for 9+ hours but the first few hours I barely notice it. But if you're used to wearing big volume falsies, these aren't any different. Plus, it looks extremely natural (to me at least) and thick. It takes me a while to write this review because I wanted to test it again and again (not just one time use) and now I've used these lashes for over 10 times now and they are still in good condition, not even one strand of hair fell down either so far.

Also, Esqido has this reward program that rewards you everytime you place an order on their website and when you refer a friend as you can see above.


I've stated my honest opinion above, but to sum it up, here are my final thoughts about Esqido Midnight Symphony Lashes:

* Nice packaging, no breakage.
* Natural looking mink lashes with beautiful design and volume
* If worn and cared properly (clean the makeup and glue residue and put it back to the eyelash case after every use), it can be used for as long as you want.

My summary for Eqido Companion Eyelash Glue:

* Easy application
* Stick the whole day
* A little goes a long way

Visit Esqido and grab your ESQIDO mink lashes and ESQIDO eyelash glue today.

The products mentioned above was sent to me as samples for review purposes. I was not financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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