About Me

Beauty Profile

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia (very humid)

Skin type: Combination oily (very oily on nose area)

BB Cream/foundation shade: N02 (Etude House), #21 (other korean brands), NC 25

Hair: bleached blonde (trying to achieve silver)

Hair type: long straight with some split ends and dry scalps

Skin concerns: big pores, scars, breakouts, oily skin

Favorite makeup brands: Lioele, Etude House, Urban Decay

Most makeup products I own: lipsticks & face makeup

Favorite eyelashes: Diamond lashes

Makeup style: dolly / cat eye / anything else except natural  

Fashion style: Sweet casual, himekaji, semi rokku gyaru

(in paragraph)

Hello! Thank you for visiting and reading my blog. If you open this page, that means you pretty much want to know about me, right?

I am just a regular girl who loves blogging, drawing, writing, photoshopping, and anything unique. I also enjoy gyaru style (as you may know briefly). I am from Indonesia. And I made a bold (or maybe not so bold) decision to color my hair blonde and I never regretted it. I love Japanese culture, including anime, manga, gyaru and lolita style. 

I love makeup and beauty products. I always think people who say makeup are ewww and some kind of masks and that they prefer natural beauties more are just ignorant. Sure, everyone is entitled to their opinion, I don't object that. But I can't imagine life without makeup. Wearing makeup isn't some kind of insecurities or whatever. I seriously can't go out without applying at least moisturizer and BB cream. Yes those are makeup. And those makeup protect my fragile face. I don't want to have sunburn or redness on my face so the least I can do is protecting my one and only face. Yes of course there are lucky people who are gifted with baby skin they don't need makeup as much as other people. But wearing makeup that some people think as artificial, actually helps my face to get softer and better.

Unfortunately, I am blessed with big bones and some fat here and there but that doesn't stop me from wearing whatever I like and want. I know there are some people who struggle to find the right clothes they can wear because they have some weight like me. And I know people judge, especially here if I must add, but again having my gyaru pride on my sleeves, I am learning to not care anymore. As long as I don't offend or hurt others, I'm sure it's not a sin to wear whatever I like. And honestly? I don't really follow local fashion trends cause I find it plain and not to my liking. My favorite article of clothing? It's gotta be one piece and shorts. I am not tall, so whenever I wear jeans, even skinny jeans uh I look so short and I don't like it. I notice my torso is pretty fine but by legs are short lol.

In my spare time, I enjoy watching tv shows and asian dramas. I also like texting (I don't know how many times I do it a day with different friends but it's addictive). And of course sleeping. I sleep like a pig.

I often feel bad even when it's not my fault. But I'm honest and I can be sarcastic at times too. I don't like offending people, unless if those people offend me or others. Sometimes I find myself in trouble with other people just because I try to defend others. I am so emotional and sensitive I can cry a bucket whenever I read, watch, or see anything sad and happy moments.

I am in love with pasta and sushi. Those two are like my favorite foods ever. Salmon and fetuccini are my favorites.

Another thing I like to do is taking selca, obviously. Even when I don't post it on my facebook, twitter or instagram, I will still take pictures and keep them. I actually like photography, I also take pics of interesting stuff around me, but I don't really focus on it so much. But I bring my camera everywhere with me, just in case.

Well, this about me aka introduction page is getting so long and wordy I'm not even sure people still read lol but if you do, thank you ^^


  1. You seem like such a nice and down to Earth person... followed! ^^

  2. I like jumping doll at bottom right corner.

  3. Aww.. hope to become such a lovely blogger like you someday!


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