I have compiled most asked questions I got on emails and contact form here, will add more if I get more different questions :)

Q. What is your ethnicity? Where is your location?
A. My ethnicity is Chinese, and I live in Indonesia.

Q. How do you bleach your hair safely? What bleaching cream/product do you use?
A. I never bleach my hair on my own, my stylist bleached my hair professionally using L'Oreal products. Only recently I bleach my hair without anyone's help and first time was terrible but I get used to it more now. I use combination of Wella and Loreal products.

Q. How do you grow your long hair?
A. Simple, I haven't cut my hair short again for few years now, I just trim it every once in a while.

Q. Are you an ulzzang or a gyaru?
A. Honestly, neither. But I'm more of gyaru inspired since I can't call myself 100% gyaru at the moment.

Q. Where do you usually purchase your makeup online? Any recommended online stores?
A.  I have some favorite online stores like Jolse, Wishtrend, W2Beauty, Chrystelle Belle, Eye Candy's, Beautynetkorea, Pinky Paradise, Tester Korea, Korea Depart, Keauty Store.

Q. What brown circle lenses you wear recently?
A. i.Fairy Cherry Gold

Q. I'm a new blogger, do you normally talk and chat to other bloggers on your social media?
A. Why of course. I normally leave some comments on instagram, twitter and facebook, and I also chat with other bloggers on daily basis on LINE, facebook and other messenger apps.

Q. Are you having long distance relationship with your boyfriend? How do you manage?
A. Yes, he's in the States I'm in Indonesia. We text all day everyday and squeeze some time to Facetime when we have the chance, and if one of us wake up in the middle of the night when the other one is awake. We do some 'online activities' together like watching dramas or movies, window shopping (lol), and planning our upcoming dates lol, and etc. Sometimes I don't feel he's far cause we talk a lot haha.

Q. How and when did you meet your boyfriend?
A. We met trough a mutual friend, online. Our friend somehow introduced us and we got along since then. I guess it was around 2011.

Q. When you tagged your posts as sponsored, did you get paid to write good things?
A. Not at all :)

Q. How old are you?
A. 20-something ^^

Q. Do you have recommended online gyaru stores?
A. Sweet gyaru shop, hime castle, gyaru-k.com, mykawaiibox at storenvy.

Q. Do you use SLR camera?
A. Not at the moment, but I'm planning to get it soon.

Q. Are you planning to offer advertisement package?
A. Hmm... Should I? Once I have more views and followers, and if people would be interested, I might.

Q. Are you dieting?
A. No but maybe I should lol.

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